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Niceville: Inground Round Pools

Rounds pools are beautiful additions to any Niceville backyard. Inground pools are the ultimate in backyard relaxation. In this article, we are going to talk about round pools and some ideas about putting your own pool in your backyard.

Round Pools & Additional Features for Your Pool

Having a pool allows for a lot of benefits including but not limited to relaxation, exercise, and recreation. Before you start building your pool, it is a good idea to figure out what functionality you would like it to have. You need to think about whether you plan on having a lot of people over, if you will be the only one swimming or if it will be you and your partner. Depending on how you are going to use your pool, you may end up with a different type of pool. When we understand how you want to use your pool, we can make recommendations on what you may want to do moving forward. Waterfalls If you enjoy the sound of a peaceful waterfall then adding it to your pool design is a no-brainer. These beautiful water features allow you to enjoy the sound and the sight of being in the jungle or within the rainforest without having to make a trip outside of your backyard. There are different sizes of waterfalls which come with different price tags so make sure you figure out how much money you have to spend on your round pools before you start putting in orders for waterfalls. You will be glad to know that waterfalls are not as expensive as they used to be and you may find yourself happily surprised that you are able to put a waterfall in your pool. Grottos Grottos are another popular additional feature people love adding to their pool. This is another feature that allows you to go big or small depending on your needs. Grottos allow you to have nice areas to relax by and are couple nicely with waterfalls. Tanning Ledges Love to tan? Tanning ledges are becoming more popular as of late. Get ready to perch on your tanning ledge and soak in the warmth with your new purchase. It looks great and the function is also very good for your tanning and relaxing needs.

Examples of Beautiful Round Pools

Look at some of these round pools that would be a beautiful addition to any yard. round pools When it comes to round pools, this small, relaxing pool has gorgeous decking and a nice waterfall. The rocks are a nice element to add beside the pool.
round pools
Photos courtesy of wall-interiors.com
When it comes to round pools, this one is simple yet beautiful. The big stones coupled with the smaller stones on the outside of the outlining bricks makes for a nice space.
round pools
Photo courtesy of wall-interiors.com
The concrete surroundings of this pool beautifully contrast with the surrounding greenery. The simple design allows for function and a great look at the same time.

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Navarre: Backyard Seating Ideas

Backyard seating ideas for your Navarre home will transform your space and allow you to experience the functionality you need. In this article, we are going to talk about backyard seating ideas to give you some ideas for future projects.

Backyard Seating Ideas – Easy and Beautiful

backyard seating ideas
Photo courtesy of worthminer.com
With this design, you won’t be pulling up a seat, you’ll be pulling up a log. These logs coupled with the stone that matches the fireplace is made up a nice, rustic outdoor space where you can spend many hours relaxing and entertaining your friends and family.
backyard seating ideas
Photo courtesy of worthminer.com
This simple design is function and beautiful. All you need are some wooden chairs, logs, boards, gravels, and stones. The boards keep the gravel in so you can keep the grass and gravel separated beautifully. The chairs are set nicely so you will be able to enjoy the area you are sitting in and see the scenery. The space has been set up so that conversations can easily take place.
backyard seating ideas
Photo courtesy of worthminer.com
These neutral tones create a great area where you can add your own splash of color if you wish. The tile is big, chunky and beautiful. The flowers and lanterns are a nice touch and during the night the lantern adds a nice warm glow to the outdoors.

How Do You Want Your Space to Function?

While the above backyard seating ideas are great, you need to think about how you want your space to function. If you plan on having a lot of company over, you need a bigger space so that you can comfortably sit and have conversations. If you plan on it just being you or a couple of other people, you may want a little bit more cozy space so it does not feel empty. You may want to go see some other seating areas in person so you are able to get a feel of what you want. If you have a pool then you need to think about how you want your pool to fit into your seating. One of the designs that are becoming more popular is having seating jut into the pool area. Some people even like to see the seating surrounded by the pool. You can look at photos on social media sites all day long, but until you see and experience them in person, you won’t know if you truly like them or not.

Creating Your Backyard Paradise

Being able to enjoy your backyard by implementing one of these backyard seating ideas, will give you a sense of accomplishment and will encourage community and social activities which in turn lead to a more fulfilled and happy life. If you are thinking about putting a pool in and making it part of your backyard seating environment, feel free to contact us for the help you need. We will be glad to help you as you move forward.

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Molino: Backyard Ideas on a Budget

One day looking out into your backyard in Molino, you needed you want to do something amazing. In this article, we are going to talk about backyard ideas on a budget so you can get the backyard you want without breaking the bank.

Ideas on a Budget That Will Wow You

When you have a tight budget, you may think you won’t be able to do much with your backyard. These ideas on a budget will allow you to see what is possible with your backyard and help you create a yard you enjoy hanging out in. Put in a Small Pool ideas on a budget While a large and deep pool may be too much of a budget blasters, if you get a small pool, you aren’t looking at as big of a bill, but you still get all of the fun and coolness. Spools have become more popular as yards get smaller and people are looking for less maintenance. If you want more features in your pool, you are going to have to put out more money. The best way to find out how much it is going to cost is to get a free estimate for your exact case. Flower Garden A well put together flower garden can make your space look like a yard out of a magazine. Flower gardens do not have to be expensive. You need to find the flowers that are going to work best for you, use some rocks to line the flower garden, you may even want to put some small trees in the flower garden. Update Your Patio Whether you have a pool or not, your patio is one of the places you hang out on most. When you invite friends over or just want to go and relax and have a cup of coffee, you go to the patio and enjoy the space. Updating your patio and making the space more inviting is a great way to spend your budget. ideas on a budget Fire Pit Having your own backyard fire pit is a lot of fun. Whether you want to roast marshmallows or you want to hear the crackling of the fire, you will be able to enjoy the new addition to your backyard. It’s beautiful and functional at the same time. ideas on a budget Hammocks Putting a simple hammock in your backyard will allow you to have a great place to relax. Many people use hammocks for naps, reading, a place to cuddle up and watch the sky or gently swing.

Ideas on a Budget & Your Backyard Beauty

Now you can get started on your backyard beauty with these ideas on a budget. There is no reason to wait any longer. If you decide you want to get a small pool and start working on getting it installed, make sure to call us for a free estimate. Our pool professionals will be glad to help you with the process so you can get the yard of your dreams right away.

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Pace: Watching Your Pool Budget

If you are watching your pool budget in Pace, you may find yourself paying more than you expected to pay. In this article, we are going to talk about add-ons that can drive up your price so you can decide whether you want these additional features or want to stick with your basic pool.

Add-Ons & Watching Your Pool Budget

pool budget The base price of getting an inground pool may be within your budget, but make sure any add-ons you want are also in your budget. Look over the following list of add-ons as you are watching your pool budget and see if they will fit with what you need. Enclosures Most local laws require a fence or other type of enclosure to be around your pool to keep the public safe. Whether you have a law telling you to do it or not, you should have one to protect pets and children from wandering into the pool unsupervised. Removable pool fencing may not cost very much but if you want a permanent fence, you may find yourself adding thousands of dollars to the base price. Putting an alarm on your fence gate is also helpful so if anyone that shouldn’t be in your pool tries to come in, they won’t be able to without a lot of noise. pool budget Landscaping While landscaping may be an “optional” expense but even though it is an optional expense, 9 out of 1 pool owners get landscaping done when they have their pool installed. Planting trees, bushes or putting in a deck or patio, it is almost 100% certain that you will want to enhance your pool’s appearance with landscaping. Trees aren’t just to add beauty to your yard, they also provide privacy and block winds from coming and making your swim uncomfortable. Having a deck keeps your pool clean so obviously, landscaping is a key part of putting an inground pool in at your property which is why you should make sure to put it in your pool budget. Lighting Whether you decide to go with standard pool lighting or want to put fancy LED lights in your pool, you still need to think about the pool lighting you are going to need. Fun Time Additions
pool budget
Photo courtesy of variety.com
Do you want to add pool toys? How about a waterslide or other significant entertainment enhancements? These can really add up and case your pool budget to go out the window. Maintenance Costs You need to factor in the cost of maintaining your pool so you do not end up not having enough money to do necessary tasks with your pool.

Keeping Within Your Pool Budget

When you are putting together a plan to install your pool, you can work with a qualified pool professional to get the results that you want. Feel free to call us today to get help with figuring out what needs to happen to have a pool that you want and still keep it within your budget. We will be glad to help you through the process.

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Perdido Key: Make Your Backyard Dreams Come True

Are you having backyard dreams about your Perdido Key home? In this article, we are going to talk about how to make your dreams come through so you can have the beautiful backyard that you desire.

Backyard Dreams Become Reality

backyard dreams There are so many amazing things you can do for your backyard. When you are experiencing those backyard dreams, you have to think about what you want most. I am sure you have a lot of ideas, but if your yard is not a limitless space, all of those backyard dreams are not likely to become reality. Outdoor Movie Over the Pool Being able to watch a movie outdoor over the pool is one of the backyard dreams many people have. There are some DIY options you can figure out but you can also buy kits that easily allow you to set up your screen and the projects can easily display on the screen. Backyard Bar backyard dreams Creating a small wooden bar in your backyard isn’t expensive and you will be able to easily get it set up without having to worry about a big bill. You can DIY or you could find a contractor to put the small bar up without breaking the bank. A backyard bar is a great thing to pair with a pool. Imagine overlooking your pool while standing at your bar and fixing some fancy drinks. Outdoor Kitchen When you have backyard dreams, you should know that an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be something you keep dreaming about. Having a kitchen outdoors isn’t as difficult as you might think. An outdoor kitchen can consist of a grill, shelving with various cooking equipment you may need and an outdoor table and chairs. When you get creative, you will soon see you will be able to have almost any of your backyard dreams you can think of. Pools & Spa If you don’t have a pool and spa already then one of your backyard dreams is sure to be about having one of your own. Pools and spas are often paired together to create an amazing environment for people to enjoy and relax in after a hard day at work. If you are tired of having to go swim outside of your own yard, now is the time to make your dream come true. Having your own pool and spa allows you to have more time for relaxing and less time for stress. Being able to have a pool to swim in and invite friends over to take a dip doesn’t have to be an unrealized reality. backyard dreams

Creating Your Backyard Dreams

As you are creating your backyard dreams, if you need help with your pool, we would be glad to help you. We’ve been working with pools for years and understand how the process works so we can guide you through every bit of the process. Just call us today and speak with one of our professionals who can help you get started.

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Pensacola: Are Inground Pool Covers Worth It?

When it’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, you could be wondering if inground pool covers are worth it. In this article, we are going to talk about why pool covers are worth the investment.

Benefits of Pool Covers

pool covers
Photo courtesy of pinterest.com
When you spend the money up front to get pool covers, you are going to keep yourself from having to spend extra money for heating costs and chemicals you wouldn’t need if you had a cover. Not only does it keep you from putting out money for those costs, it also keeps bugs and leaves out of your pool so you aren’t skimming the pool all of the time.Many pool covers are only $100 so it’s not a lot of money but it is worth it for the benefits you get.  These $100 pool covers I am referring to are the vinyl material that sits on top of your pool. If you are talking about safety pool covers, these are going to be more expensive than vinyl pool covers. Safety covers are meant to keep children or animals from getting into the pool when they are not supposed to be in the pool. The peace of mind you get from a safety cover is worth it.
pool covers
Photo courtesy of homesfeed.com
Another type of pool cover is a winter pool cover. These pool covers are made to protect your pool when it is off season and unless you live in a cooler climate, you won’t need one of these.

Which of the Pool Covers Should I Get?

When you are trying to figure out which of the pool covers you should get, you need to think about the function you need. Do you simply need to cover the pool so you keep debris out of the pool or do you need to have a safety cover because of animals and children that live nearby? There is no best answer for which one you should have. You have to make that decision yourself. While safety is important, it is a significant cost that you will add on if you’ve just put money out for installing your pool. When you are thinking about safety, you can also put up barriers so that animals or pets do not get into the pool. If you decide to go with a fence, you should make sure that you make the fence at least 4 feet tall and that you have an automatically latching gate.
pool covers
Photo courtesy of homestratosphere.com

Your Dream Pool Is Here

When you have your dream pool ready, having a pool cover that will keep you from having to do maintenance on your pool more than you have to will make the pool much more enjoyable. Instead of worrying about debris, pets, and children, make sure your pool is safe and secured so you can enjoy your time in the pool. If you need help with your pool, make sure to contact us today. We have been working with pools for years and we will be glad to help you.

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Pensacola Beach: Floating Lights for Your Pool

When you want to spice up your Pensacola Beach, you may want to look into floating lights for your pool. Floating lights aren’t expensive but they add a whole new look to the pool. In this article, we are going to talk about floating lights and other ways to make your pool more enjoyable without breaking the bank.
floating lights
Image source: pinterest.com

Floating Lights Make Your Pool More Fun

While you may want to keep under your pool budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your pool. If you have been longing after built-in pool lights, but you can’t afford them right now, check out floating lights. Floating lights aren’t expensive and they make a big difference to the look of your pool. You don’t want to have these as the only light you have a night but they can be helpful when you are going for a swim at night. Whether it’s time to party or if it’s just another beautiful day, you can use the floating lights to make your nighttime swim time colorful and bright. You can mix and match the different colors and make for a beautiful look with the various combinations. You can buy some lights that change between different colors. It’s like a mini light show in your pool.
floating lights
Image source: pinterest.com
You can find floating lights that are solar or battery powered. Battery powered lights are brighter but you have to keep the batteries replaced. Solar lights aren’t going to cost you or inconvenience you but the lighting isn’t going to be as dramatic. When you use solar pool lights they take the solar energy throughout the day so they can power up and light up the night. You can find some solar floating lights that turn themselves on when it starts to get dark so this is extremely high maintenance.

Floating Lights and Other Floating Fun

Once you’ve got some floating lights, you can get floating toys to enjoy your time even more. There are all kinds of different floating toys and ways to relax in the pool. There is an endless selection online and in the stores and they can be relaxing to enjoy along with the new lighting in the pool for ultimate fun.

Planning Your Pool

floating lights
Image source: thegreenhead.com
If you are still in the planning phase with your pool, you may not be sure how big of a pool you want to get, whether you want to go with concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. Getting a plan in place is smart and it is easier to do if you have professionals to help you along the way. For any help you need, feel free to reach out to one of our pool professionals. Our staff has been working with pools for many years and can help you through every step of the process. There is no reason to wait on getting your dream pool from the planning stage to go on to the installation and fun parts of available to swim time.

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Atlanta: Prevent a Green Swimming Pool Full of Algae

You’ve got your beautiful home and pool in Atlanta, but here come the uninvited algae. In this article, we are going to talk about how to prevent a green swimming pool full of algae. algae

Algae – Not the Kind of Green You Want

There are green things we love, like money and beautiful grass, but when the green is algae in your pool, that has to be taken care of. If you aren’t sure how to get rid of algae and especially prevent algae, you may find it sneaks up on you at the most inopportune times like right before a pool party.

What Is Algae?

Algae are plants that grow naturally in water so it’s not hard to understand why you might see some creeping into your pool. Algae create food through the process of photosynthesis. Of course, algae does exist in different colors but green is going to be the most common color you see in pools. You could notice algae that is light green, dark green or even a bluish green. You could notice that your water becomes hazy and even cloudy and it could float in the water or may coat your pool’s sides and bottom. If you allow algae to grow in your pool it could clog your pool filters and damage your pool surfaces. algae

Why Is My Pool Water Green?

To keep your pool’s water clean, it requires ongoing maintenance. This means you are going to see to sanitize it regularly to prevent algae from taking hold of your pool. If you have a large number of swimmers in your pool, you may need to up the number of chemicals that are used in the water in order to keep it clean and bacteria free. Another reason you may have algae in your pool is the trees and other vegetation growing around the pool area. This environment will mean there is an abundance of shade over the pool and this can cause problems. Any time you decrease the sunlight on a pool, you are increasing the probability of algae in your pool. Using yard and lawn chemicals? If the products you are using contain a high percentage of phosphates and nitrates you could contaminate your pool and cause algae to start growing. Rainstorms can also change the balance of your pool chemicals so after you have a heavy rain, make sure to add more chlorine and sanitizer so your algae problem doesn’t take place.

Keeping the Green Pool At Bay

algae If you do not want algae to take over your pool, keep the sanitizer levels maintained properly at all times. You should also have the pool filter running at least 10 hours out of each 24. This is especially true when the pool is in use. Once a week you should vacuum your pool and brush the interior. If you are experiencing challenges with algae, you should use an algicide and shock the pool once a week to keep the algae away. Make sure to clean any recreational items that come from the pool so you do not reintroduce algae into your beautiful pool water.

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Daphne: Water Fitness Ideas

When we think about water fitness in Daphne, many times the elderly or someone who is injured come to mind. While it is true that the elderly and injured do benefit from water exercises, anyone is going to be able to benefit. In this article, we are going to talk about water fitness ideas. water fitness

Water Fitness Ideas for Anyone

Whether you are 15 or 50, you can use these water fitness ideas to start getting your muscles toned and melt fat away. Leg Lifts & Swimming Start at one end of the pool and do leg lifts. Lift your legs up to where your knee is even with your thigh and put your hands on your knees each time your knee comes up. Once you have done 10 – 15 of these leg lifts you swim to the deep end of the pool and come back. If there is not a deep end to the pool, you will be able to go to the other side and do leg lifts on the other side. water fitness Walking & Swimming Walking back and forth in the pool is a great way to add resistance but keep thing simple. Start out by swimming as much as you are comfortable and then go to walking in the pool until you regain your ability to swim. Do this as many times as you would like to burn calories and build muscle tone. Jumping Jacks When out of the water, jumping jacks are often too high impact for anyone. When you add water to the equation, you will be able to do jumping jacks without hurting your knees when you come down. If you still don’t want to come off the ground, you can modify the jumping jacks so you are more or less just picking up your feet and allowing them to go in and out.

Making Water Fitness a Routine

water fitness Once you have experienced how water fitness can allow you to enjoy your workout more and no longer experience injuries from high impact exercises and boredom from workouts you’ve done over and over again, you may start thinking about getting your own pool. Having your own pool to do your water fitness routine in can make a big difference in your ability to stick to your workout and ensure you are seeing the results you would like. If you are worried that getting a pool of your own is going to be a big struggle, you will be glad to know that when you work with a pool professional, you are not going to experience the annoyances you might have thought. Getting your own pool to be able to do your exercises and keep in shape will enable you to feel better and have fun while keeping healthy. If you aren’t sure where to begin or exactly what you want, give us a call. If you already know what you want, give us a call. Either way, we will be glad to help you move forward on your project.

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Infinity Pool Designs

Infinity Pool Designs That You’ll Fall in Love With

We have all fallen in love with infinity pool designs, but which of these pool designs are the best for us? In this article, we are going to show you three that you are going to love to help give you inspiration for your own Temecula backyard paradise.

Infinity Pool Designs Inspiration

pool designs If you are afraid of heights, this might not be the pool for you, but what fun is an infinity pool if you are not high above a steep drop off? This is a “cloud pool” that makes you feel as if you are floating in the clouds. Under the water is a swim-up bar as well as built-in stools right at the infinity edge. This ensures that the pools reflective beauty is not going to be disrupted. The pool also has a hidden automatic cover to cover the pool at a flick of a switch. There are also contoured seats with amazing massage jets. pool designs This beautiful sweeping curve of this infinity pool allows the swimmers to take in this amazing scene that is overlooking the city. The water flows from the water bowl into the spa but it does not disturb the calm surface of the pool. pool designs The beautiful in-pool lighting in this pool adds a mix of elegance as well as drama to this vanishing-edge pool. The connected raised spa walls are finished with a beautiful stone that matches the home’s facade. The two large planters and minimal landscaping make the greenery blend with the large trees that are right outside the pool’s edge.

Pool Designs for Your Pool Oasis

The pool designs above are beautiful but the most beautiful pool designs you are going to see are those that you are going to create yourself. If you are wondering how to create your own pool designs and make your backyard look like your personality, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure this happens. One of those things is to speak to a pool professional that can help you work through the process. Unless you have experience in design work, it can be overwhelming to try to plan your own dream pool. There may be new developments that allow you to get an even more beautiful pool than you have ever seen in photos. That is why you should give us a call today so we can start helping you walk through the process of getting your pool underway. Whether you are going to have a new pool or if you want a pool renovation done and need help with that design, we have been in business since 1988 and have helped thousands of customers create their ideal backyard with amazing pools that not only wow their friends but take their breath away each time they look out their door. Speak to one of our pool professionals today and we will help you through the design and installation of your pool so you get exactly what you want.

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