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Atlanta: Prevent a Green Swimming Pool Full of Algae

You’ve got your beautiful home and pool in Atlanta, but here come the uninvited algae. In this article, we are going to talk about how to prevent a green swimming pool full of algae. algae

Algae – Not the Kind of Green You Want

There are green things we love, like money and beautiful grass, but when the green is algae in your pool, that has to be taken care of. If you aren’t sure how to get rid of algae and especially prevent algae, you may find it sneaks up on you at the most inopportune times like right before a pool party.

What Is Algae?

Algae are plants that grow naturally in water so it’s not hard to understand why you might see some creeping into your pool. Algae create food through the process of photosynthesis. Of course, algae does exist in different colors but green is going to be the most common color you see in pools. You could notice algae that is light green, dark green or even a bluish green. You could notice that your water becomes hazy and even cloudy and it could float in the water or may coat your pool’s sides and bottom. If you allow algae to grow in your pool it could clog your pool filters and damage your pool surfaces. algae

Why Is My Pool Water Green?

To keep your pool’s water clean, it requires ongoing maintenance. This means you are going to see to sanitize it regularly to prevent algae from taking hold of your pool. If you have a large number of swimmers in your pool, you may need to up the number of chemicals that are used in the water in order to keep it clean and bacteria free. Another reason you may have algae in your pool is the trees and other vegetation growing around the pool area. This environment will mean there is an abundance of shade over the pool and this can cause problems. Any time you decrease the sunlight on a pool, you are increasing the probability of algae in your pool. Using yard and lawn chemicals? If the products you are using contain a high percentage of phosphates and nitrates you could contaminate your pool and cause algae to start growing. Rainstorms can also change the balance of your pool chemicals so after you have a heavy rain, make sure to add more chlorine and sanitizer so your algae problem doesn’t take place.

Keeping the Green Pool At Bay

algae If you do not want algae to take over your pool, keep the sanitizer levels maintained properly at all times. You should also have the pool filter running at least 10 hours out of each 24. This is especially true when the pool is in use. Once a week you should vacuum your pool and brush the interior. If you are experiencing challenges with algae, you should use an algicide and shock the pool once a week to keep the algae away. Make sure to clean any recreational items that come from the pool so you do not reintroduce algae into your beautiful pool water.

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New Year Pool Maintenance – You Can Do It

While pool maintenance may have some pool owners up in arms, that doesn’t have to be you. If you understand how to take care of your pool properly, it is not a stressful process. Those of you that want to relieve the stress all of the way, you can have someone else do your pool maintenance. pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance Doesn’t Have to Drive You Crazy

Whether you are dealing with the day to day pool maintenance like getting the debris out of your pool or if you are having to fix a pool leak, these things are not fun but you want to make sure you have a budget set aside for it. If you aren’t sure how much pool maintenance tasks could cost, you should make sure to ask a pool and spa professional that can give you some ideas.

New Years Pool Maintenance Resolutions

The new year means that you’ve most likely made some resolutions regarding yourself and possibly even your pool. Souderton is the perfect place for a pool and while pool maintenance may get annoying at times, you have to look at the benefits of having a pool. Whatever you may be planning on improving in your life, you can most likely do it in or by the swimming pool. pool maintenance Let’s look at a few examples:
  • Losing weight
  • Learning a new language
  • More time with your kids
  • Learning how to DIY a project
Whichever new years resolution you’ve made, your pool can help you. If you look at the weight loss, for example, swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories. If you take a swim for an hour, you are looking at losing 400 to 600 calories! This is all without high impact exercise and it is something enjoyable so you are likely to continue doing it. Learning a new language can be done in the pool because all you need is your smartphone or the ability to lean on the ledge and look at some textbooks. Your pool is meant to help you relax and enjoy your life and you are able to do that whenever you stop worrying about things like pool maintenance. Make your new years resolution to stop worrying about pool maintenance and get it settled for good.

Your Backyard Paradise

pool maintenance When you are thinking about your backyard paradise, you are not likely to be thinking about pool maintenance. You want to think about splashing in the pool, maybe adding a new feature to your pool like a grotto or a waterfall. When you allow the professionals to either do your pool maintenance for you or at least give you a guideline on how to make sure your pool stays nice, this is going to ease your mind. Spending hours relaxing by the pool will help you feel more relax and fulfilled and when your pool looks clean and beautiful, you are more likely to invite some friends over to have some fun as well.

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Pool Maintenance – A Few Ways to Keep Debris Out of Your Pool

When it comes to pool maintenance, one of the annoying things you must deal with is debris that gets into your pool almost on the daily. In this article, we are going to talk to you about a few ways to keep debris out of your pool in Marin. pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance Musts for Keeping Debris Out

When you have a pool, you’ve already put the money into it so you want to make sure you keep it clean and able to be used. While it can be annoying to have to keep cleaning your pool, think about the hours of enjoyment it has brought you and will bring you in the future. Here are some tips to help you keep the debris away.

Landscape with Evergreens or Rocks

If you don’t want to deal with pool maintenance, don’t create more work for yourself. If you have trees and bushes around your pool that are losing leaves, that is going to be a major cause of debris coming into your pool. If you want to have trees, you can landscape with evergreens or even put big stones or rocks around your pool to get the look you want.

Use a Pool Cover

pool maintenance Instead of leaving your pool open all the time, you can use a pool cover to keep your pool from getting the debris in your pool in the first place. When you have a cover, the debris will be caught on the top so you can either sweep it off or use a leaf blower to get it off the top of your cover.


The robots are taking over and you can use that to your advantage. Find a robotic pool cleaner and you are going to find your pool maintenance times are not as long as they were before. While you will still have to do manual labor and make sure everything is properly taken care of, if you get a good robot, you won’t have to work as hard when you are cleaning your pool.

Pool Maintenance Services

If you dislike pool maintenance as much as the next person, you may want to consider hiring a pool service. The amount of money you spend for the pool service gives you peace of mind that will allow you to enjoy your pool instead of resenting your pool.

Creating Your Dream Pool

pool maintenance If you don’t yet have a pool, you should know that the fun and enjoyment of having a pool far outweighs the annoyance of any pool maintenance that has to be done. When you create your dream pool, you will be more than happy to take care of it and enjoy the benefits of having a pool in your own backyard. There are many options and features to consider for your pool so make sure to speak with one of our pool professionals to find out what the best course of action is going to be for you and your needs.

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5 New Years Pool Resolutions for Your Long Island Pool

Every new year we run into the guilt of needing to make new years resolutions, but what about our pool resolutions for the new year? What are we doing to make sure our pool has a better year than the last? Your pool makes your Long Island home look amazing when it looks amazing. Maybe there are some things that could be done to keep it looking even better than it does now. In this article, we are going to talk about pool resolutions and what are some you should have.
pool resolutions
Image source

Pool Resolutions You Must Have

#1 – Greener Pool I hope you didn’t think I meant you wanted to have your pool water changed to green. I am talking about making your pool more environmentally friendly. Not only will you save money with many of the green strategies but you are going to make your family’s swimming experience more enjoyable. LED lighting additions dramatically improve the presentation of your pool and give it a certain ambiance during the evenings and you will use 80% less energy. Another thing to consider is the variable speed pumps that help you save more money on your electric bill. If you install new cartridge pool filters, you aren’t going to have to worry about wasted water from backwashing anymore. Heat pumps and solar heaters are also your friends since they will warm the water and keep it comfortable during the cool months and there are zero emissions.
pool resolutions
Image source: https://images.pexels.com/photos/32870/pexels-photo.jpg?w=940&h=650&auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb
#2 – Cleaner Pool If you don’t take care of your pool, it is going to start decaying and looking less than attractive when you go out to swim. You need to make sure one of your pool resolutions is to skim your pool regularly, to brush the sides and if you want to invest the money, get an automatic pool cleaner that will help you keep the pool clean without you having to do a lot of the work. #3 – Drop Pounds in the Pool A good one when you’re looking at pool resolutions is the ability to use your pool for exercise. Using your pool for exercise will allow you to keep the impact off your joints, but it will also allow you to burn the calories you’ve been wanting to burn in a fun way. #4 – Bring on the Social Make pool resolutions to be more social. Invite people over to see your pool so they will be able to enjoy their time with you and you will be able to enjoy your time with them.
pool resolutions
Photo Credit: HomeDesignLover.com
#5 – Safety First Whether you have kids, pets or adults around, you always want to add pool safety into your pool resolutions. You should keep a small fence or other enclosure around the pool so no one will wander into the pool and fall in or trip and fall in. There are accidents that happen but they don’t have to happen to you if you put safety measures in place.

Your Pool Done Right

Keeping the above in mind will allow you to have a great year in the pool so make sure to pay attention and put them into play right away.

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5 Top Tips on Pool Maintenance

Are you a new pool owner or thinking about getting your own pool? You probably have pool maintenance questions and are wondering if you are going to be up for the job. In this article, I am going to talk to you about 5 top tips on pool maintenance. pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance Musts

When you are working on keeping your pool sparkling and clean, it probably isn’t as difficult as you might think. Each pool is different so you are going to have to learn what is best for your pool but you must make sure you are in a pool maintenance routine. Even if you are using a service company to take care of your pool, you are going to need to do some things on your own unless you have someone at your house full time. #1 – Skimming Debris and Cleaning Out the Baskets Make sure you skim debris from your pool and clean the filter every few days. If you don’t do this, you are going to have debris that has sunk to the bottom making it more difficult to clean. #2 – Vacuum Your Pool & Brush Walls and Tile Make sure to vacuum your pool every week to keep the water clear and reduce the chemicals you have to put in it. You are going to find you have a pretty wide selection of pool vacuums at your disposable. If you are using a manual pool vacuum work it back and forth all over the surface of the pool the way you would as if you were vacuuming a carpet. pool maintenance #3 – Clean Your Pool Filter While a mildly dirty pool filter is going to be more effective than a totally clean pool filter, you do not want to let it get too bad. There are three different kinds of pool filters you will come across. These are the cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth filters. Make sure you know how to properly clean the type of filter you have when you are working on your pool maintenance. #4 – Your Pool Heater Should Be Professionally Serviced Your pool heater is going to be one of the things that require the least maintenance. If you have a gas heater, it should work fine for a couple of years without being serviced and electric ones can last even longer than a couple of years. You should contact your manufacturer’s manual for the exact guide to taking care of your pool heater. Make sure to keep an eye out for calcium scales build up inside your heater’s tubes. This can restrict the flow and prevent water from being heated properly. #5 – Check & Maintain Your Pool’s Water Levels You may notice that you are losing some water during the swimming season. This is normal and is caused by splashing and evaporation. Make sure you keep your pool water levels at the proper depth for the best functioning. Don’t let the water level get below the level of the skimmer or this could damage the pump. pool maintanance

Pool Maintenance Conclusion

Properly maintaining your pool is going to save you time, hassle and money. If you have questions, feel free to contact our pool experts. We will be glad to help you.     Want a FREE Quote on your own Pool?
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Break Down of Pool Maintenance Cost

Before purchasing a pool, you may be researching the pool maintenance costs. While there is the initial cost of installing a pool, you also know there are ongoing expenses that come with having a pool. In this article, we are going to talk with you about pool maintenance and what costs may come with it. pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance – The Cost of Keeping Your Pool In Great Condition

The national average of costs when it comes to pool maintenance is $750. If you only hire someone to open and close your pool, you may be able to get it down to $150 but if you want full service during the entire season, you may be looking at costs of $1,050. Even the higher rates are not excessive when you think of the peace of mind you have in protecting your investment from ruin.

Keep Up Your Pool Maintenance for Health Reasons

According to the report by the World Health Organization on recreational swimming pool maintenance, daily and weekly treatment of swimming pools are recommended in order to avoid various health risks. There are a number of health problems that can come from standing water, like a swimming pool. Bacteria, viruses, and pathogens are just as glad to have a party as any of your guests that you invite over. People that have lowered immune systems, as well as the elderly and children, are more susceptible to illness from pathogens introduced to the water through a variety of ways. Fecal matter, pests, groundwater runoff and more could be responsible for the introduction of pathogens to the water. pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance Types

There are a number of different maintenance tasks that must take place during the year. Depending on what time of year it is and the conditions around you, you will need different services. This is why it is important to know what you are doing or hire someone that knows what they are doing to help you do the work or to do the work for you. The size of your pool is going to play a part in the cost of your maintenance. It only makes sense that a larger pool is going to have more pool maintenance cost than a small pool (spool). Besides for the actual work that is done with pool maintenance, you also have to think about the supplies for the work you are doing. There are various chemicals that will also cost money when you are adding up the costs of taking care of your pool.
pool maintenance
Photo Credit: HomeDesignLover.com

Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

Yes, having a pool is going to increase the spending you have each month in this area, but on the other hand, it could help decrease spending. Having a pool in your backyard allows for hours of fun, home cookouts and good times. This means less need for frequent travel to the local theme park or expensive restaurants. You will find yourself spending more time by the pool and less time shelling out cash elsewhere. Contact one of our pool professionals today to get started.

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What Is Pool Chlorine and How Does It Clean My Pool?

Whether you are a pool novice or you have been a pool owner for years, you may not know what pool chlorine does for cleaning your pool. In this article, you are going to learn more about pool chlorine and how it cleans your pool.
pool chlorine
Photo courtesy of mbellrealty.com

What is Pool Chlorine? How Does Pool Chlorine Clean Your Pool?

If you are like most people, you probably answered in your head that it is actual chlorine. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it is not actual chlorine. You’ll either see the chemicals that are added to clean your pool in liquid form or compressed into tablet or granular form. You may or may not have heard of these pool chemicals.
  • Liquid – Sodium hypochlorite
  • Granular – Di-chlor
  • Stick/Tablet – Tri-chlor
  • Granular – Lithium hypochlorite
  • Granular or tablet – Calcium hypochlorite
While they all do include chlorine, after they have reacted with the water, the chemical compound HOC1 / HC10 cleans your pool water. It is not the pure chlorine. Your pool chlorine also needs a stabilizer so that sunlight doesn’t take it out of the water. Most commonly you will have heard of the stabilizer cyanuric acid aka CYA. pool chlorine

Pool Chlorine – What is the Chemical Process?

You start out with your pool water and your chlorine additive or salt if you have a salt chlorine generator. After pouring the additive into the water, the reaction creates hypochlorous acid which is the chemical compound that kills algae, bacteria and destroys dirt.

Performing Proper Pool Maintenance

When you have put your money into building or purchasing a pool, it is important that you properly maintain your pool to protect your investment. If you take proper care of your pool and do proper pool maintenance, you are going to have many years of fun ahead of you. On the other hand, if you neglect your pool, you are going to quickly find yourself experiencing challenges that can be rather pricey. If you aren’t sure how to take care of your pool, you should contact a pool professional that will be able to help you set up a pool maintenance plan that will keep your pool looking beautiful and bright. Keeping your pool beautiful and clean is much easier than trying to do damage control after you have let your pool get out of hand. pool chlorine Some people are not ready to take on the task of pool maintenance and do not care to learn about pool chlorine and other things that are necessary to learn when you are the one that is taking care of the pool. If you do not want to learn these things, there are pool professionals in your area that will be glad to service your pool and help you keep it clean. Once you have decided on a plan of action to keep your pool clean, you will be more at ease and know that your pool is going to be good to go for yet another season.

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Pool Supplies – Keeping Your Pool and Spa Sparkling

Every pool owner wants to have a beautiful pool, but what pool supplies can help you achieve this? In this article, we are going to talk with you about keeping your pool and spa sparkling all through the swimming season. Keeping your pool clean and beautiful sometimes can seem like a neverending battle. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can help your pool by getting pool supplies that are going to work to keep your pool in the best condition all year round. Here are some great picks you will start seeing on the shelf this year. pool supplies

Cool Pool Supplies

Flip Floater by Red Leopard The new Flip Floater for spas is a chemical-dispensing system you can refill. The cool thing about it is that it uses tablets and “flips” to let you know the time has come to refill the dispenser. Phosphate 9000 by Spec Chem Got extreme phosphate conditions? This is the solution for you. One quart removes 9,000 ppb of phosphates in a 10,000-gallon pool. The natural formula is safe to use and it is friendly to the environment. You will also be glad to know that it is compatible with all sanitizer systems and all pool surfaces. pool supplies Filter Wash by Pleatco Debuts This fast-acting fizz is a clean tablet designed to get into any reusable filter cartridge and remove materials like oils, grease, and dirt. Available in individual formulas. Cell Cleaner by Salt Support Available now through Salt Support is Cell Cleaner. This is a dry product that is designed to design the minerals that naturally build-up on cell plates of salt-chlorine generators. You can add it to water and soak the cells for 20 to 30 minutes so the product can loosen and remove calcium and magnesium deposits. You can buy this product in one pound bags. Chitosan Clarifier by SeaKlear

This product is naturally-based and uses chitosan which is derived from shells in the seafood industry to help with cloudy pool water. It clarifies the water and improves filtration as well as removes excess oils and lotions in order to reduce your pool’s scum lines. It can be used at the same time when you are shocking your pool or hot tub water.

pool supplies

Pool Supplies Conclusion

Making sure you have the proper tools to maintain your pool is important. There are many pool supplies available on the market so it can get confusing. If you need professional help and advice, make sure to reach out to one of our friendly staff today so they can help you start moving forward with your clean pool goals. Having a pool that is well maintained and health is important. You can take care of your pool and keep the costs down or you can let your pool go and have to pay for it later. It’s better to protect your investment up front so you aren’t going to have to deal with worries and challenges that are unnecessary for you to deal with.

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Aerin Lauder Swimming Pool – Relaxing and Elegant

This Aerin Lauder swimming pool puts you in the mood to relax and enjoy just by taking a look at it. The chaise lounges by the pool call your name and you almost want to step into the picture and enjoy at least one hour by the pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about creating your own Aerin Lauder swimming pool and how you could have your own backyard paradise. aerin lauder swimming pool

Recreating This Aerin Lauder Swimming Pool

This beautiful property has been passed down and will continue to be passed down for generations. It is one of the few homes that sit in this particular part of Florida and has the Breakers on one side and a public beach on the other side. If you want to go about recreating this Aerin Lauder swimming pool, you need to not only think about the clean lines of the pool, but the whole look of the pool, the landscaping, and everything. It all fits together beautifully to bring the pool to the perfect look and feel. You can see by the beautiful blue water that it is well maintained. The steps seem to keep going down, down, down. It is a gorgeous pool and what else could you expect from an Aerin Lauder swimming pool?
aerin lauder swimming pool
Photo courtesy of architectural digest
Aerin Lauder and Her Empire Not only is this Aerin Lauder swimming pool amazing, but the lady herself is a gem. She has been able to do a great deal even after the passing of the highly esteemed Estee. No doubt, there is a great deal of pressure on this bronzed beauty to be as great or greater than her predecessor. When you look at everything that has been built with this young lady, you cannot help but admire her. Wanting to have an Aerin Lauder swimming pool is only natural.

How Do You Get Your Own Aerin Lauder Swimming Pool?

aerin lauder swimming pool
Photo courtesy of Jupiter magazine
If you are looking at this beautiful Aerin Lauder swimming pool and thinking that you could never have one as beautiful, the truth is that you could have a pool like this created for your own backyard. Even small backyard could have a similar pool but would utilize a “spool” or small pool. Instead of being worried about what you are doing to do, you can speak with a pool professional, show them the photos of the pool and they can help you recreate the Aerin Lauder swimming pool so you can have your dream pool. Working with a team of professionals that can help you achieve your dream backyard is easy when you pick the right team. Our pool professionals have been in business for many years and our desire is to help each of our customers get the experience and the look that they want out of their pool. Instead of waiting around to get your pool done, you can start today and get closer to your dream swimming pool. Just give one of the pool experts a call and they can help you start planning.

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Important Swimming Pool Tips You Should Know

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, it’s always good to find out new pool tips to help you make life as a pool owner easier. The advancement in pools has come a long way and makes owning a pool much easier. In this article, we are going to share some important swimming pool tips you should know. pool tips

Pool Tips You Can’t Stand to Miss

#1 – Skimming & Scrubbing Is Life While it may seem like a simple point, you have to make sure to skim and scrub regularly. You can’t have your pool looking beautiful if you don’t do these simple processes. If you don’t want to skim every day, you can buy a robot that will help you clean the pool and make life much easier. If you don’t, algae will build up in your pool, which causes the pool to look and be unclean. Make sure that you are scrubbing your pool, so you can have a swimming pool that’s clean and beautiful. While it may not be fun, neither is swimming with algae on the sides of the pool. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scrub every day. You should be able to get away with scrubbing your pool about every other week.
pool tips
Image source: https://fthmb.tqn.com/5jm6aQ9z0SyHt4vyoKz-TsI9_mA=/960×0/filters:no_upscale()/guycleaningpool-56a75dce5f9b58b7d0e9a7d6.jpg
#2 – Take Great Care of Your Filter Your filter is like your pool’s kidneys. If you don’t take proper care of the filter, you are going to have some serious problems with your water. Usually cleaning your filter is as easy as turning off the filter, taking the filter cap off, which is located on the pool deck, lifting the filter basket out, and taking out any debris before you replace the filter back in its spot. You want to do this about once a week. About once a month you want to clean out the pipes in your filter system. You can do this by a process called backwashing. Backwashing is easy as you only have to set your filter to “backwash,” remove the leaf basket, and give it a good clean. Once you’ve finished don’t forget to turn on the pump and let it run until the waste pipe is spitting out clear water. Another one of the best pool tips: Don’t turn the filter on and off too often. If you do this, you may find yourself with cracked filter mechanics. Your timer should be set on a timer and running at a minimum of six hours per day. pool tips #3 Keep an Eye On Your Water Level You want to make sure that you keep an eye on your pool’s water levels. If they are not at the proper place you could cause some damage to your pool. The water level should be kept at a level that is halfway up the opening of your skimmer. If your water is down a little, grab your hose and fill it up to the appropriate level. If your water level is on the high side, you can rent a submersible pump and drain any excess water. If you have a vinyl, or fiberglass pool you may want to consult a pool professional for pool tips about whether to put the pump in or not.

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