If an indoor pool conjures the image of humid interiors, soggy carpets, and heady smells, you need to think again. In fact, it can make a beautiful house with pool that allows you to swim year-round. It is a great option for colder climates as you needn’t close your pool for the winters. There is no lack of design options when it comes to indoor swimming pools. Here are the top 10 designs that will catch your fantasy.

1. Indoor Lap Pool

beautiful house with pool

If you have a house full of kids and swimming enthusiasts, you need a lap pool in your home. It will extend from one end of your pool area to the other. You can design this area with a drop-down wooden ceiling and soft ambient lights. Back to back glass windows can add more luxuriant appeal to the setting.

2. Grand Indoor Pool

With the right elements and an expert pool designer on your side, you can create a magnificent pool inside your home. Design it in the middle of your house with elegant pillar columns flanking its sides. Complete the décor with lounge chairs and green planters in the surroundings.

3. Moroccan Opulence

If you are taken by the beauty of Moroccan design elements, you can bring this style to your indoor swimming pool as well. Choose tiled pool flooring and surface along with gold column and Moroccan pendants adorning the surroundings. You can also build cabanas and daybeds to make it look like a swanky pool setting.

4. Combine Lighting and Artwork

In a beautiful home with pool, you need to be more innovative and creative with ideas. Instead of sticking to conventional styles, choose cool designs that merge lighting and artistic accents. For example, you can choose painted wood panels on the walls and eccentric lanterns on the ceiling. Paint your pool with black to add a moody impact to space.

5. Bright Contemporary

Add cheerful and bright hues to your indoor pools for a contemporary style. Options like built-in seating and shelving will add more function to space. You can also decorate the area with green planters to balance the brightness of colors.

6. Pool with Statement Ceilings

It can’t get more glamorous or elegant than a pool with medieval-style statement ceilings. Use acoustics and falsettos to recreate the magic of the bygone era in your home. It is an elegant theme for a beautiful house with pool.

7. Architectural Elegance

beautiful house with pool

Imagine a pool inside a cave or adjacent to a cliff. You can bring these ideas into your indoor pool design as well. It can be modest in size but it won’t lack in appeal and style.

8. Pool with Water Jets

Amazing pool features are not restricted to outdoor pools only. In fact, you can bring these elements home with pool jets or waterfalls adorning the walls of your indoor pool.

9. Indoor Pool with Colorful Tiles

You can design your pool in any innovative style that matches the interiors of your home. For a mystical appeal, choose checkered pool tiles and lush green planters for the indoor pool area.

10. Pool in a Glass Cave

If you want the luxury of indoor swimming and beauty of outdoors, build a pool with a glass enclosure. It will offer you the views of nature and sunny sky through its glass ceiling.

These are some amazing indoor pool designs for a beautiful house with pool.

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