Beautiful pools add to the curb appeal of a property. In fact, nothing can be more luxurious than a property with a beautiful swimming pool. If you are waiting for the summer to arrive, make sure you redesign your approach. And the following 10 beautiful pool designs can make the job easier for you. Check out these amazing pool designs.

splash decksMinimalist pool


This old-fashioned properly is located in Uruguay. The eucalyptus-wood deck guides you to the swimming pool. From the swimming pool, you can enjoy the view of beautiful pastures nearby. You can also view a Phoenix palm tree that provides shade and adds charm to the area. One of the simplest but beautiful pools.

View of the alps


This contemporary chalet has a lap pool is beautifully designed and offers an amazing view of the Alps. Also, the sliding partitions are made with metal, glass and wood. They open up to the adjacent workout room.

Bohemian chic


This pool is located at live-work compound of Kathryn M. Ireland in Santa Monica. This luxurious pool features vintage fiber-cement chairs and beautiful planters. A popular firm Koning Eizenberg designed the studio building in the 70s.

Moorish-inspired mountain residence


Frederic Mechiche, a French interior designer, performed Moorish-inspired touches to this villa. This villa is located in the mountains of southeastern France. The arched windows and doorways face the pool. The pool looks beautiful through the windows. This pool design can be considered one of the most beautiful pools in the world.

Peaceful getaway


This pool is part of an Ibiza beach house. The shimmering tiles of the pool are from Bisazza. On the other hand, the umbrella and the teak chaises are by Sutherland. Both of them are covered in Perennials fabrics.

Mexican retreat


In San MIguel de Allende, Mexico, this beautiful swimming pool is framed in a local stone called adoquin. This type of stone is used for paving streets. Alongside the pool, you can see a schefflera tree.

Decorative and functional


In this LA home, you can see multiple pools. They both serve as decoration items and provide enjoyment. There are different plants near the pool, such as boxwood and olive trees.

A comfortable Connecticut home

10 Beautiful Pools Designs 1

This traditional Connecticut home is inspired by Philip Gorrivan’s transatlantic life. The pool area features vintage Richard Schultz furniture.

Beautiful pools: A 1970’s gems


In 1975, Macros Acayaba, a Brazilian architect designed this modern house. The staris, pool and are made of concrete. On the other hand, the designing of the surrounding gardens was done by Marlene Acayaba.

Hamptons hangout


Designer Damon Lissbrought redesigned this elemental barn and made it quite sophisticated. In the pool area, you can seeĀ  chaise loungues and umbrellas. Also, the landscaping features a copper bench and bluestem grasses.

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