Isn’t it wonderful to relax in the pool after a long and busy day? But what if you wish to take a swim during the night? Absence of proper lighting may not permit you to unwind or may cause physical damages. Lighting forms like the floating pool lights come to your rescue by illuminating your pool and backyard. Here are some of the best lightings for your pool.

1. LOFTEK LED Light Ball With Remote

LED pool light

Are you looking to add some color along with pool lighting? Then the LOFTEK LED pool ball is the most viable option. It has four lighting modes and 16 different RGB colors. Use this to add color to your pool. You can also use several of them for a pool party. You can remotely control this ball and can light it for up to 12 hours on a single charge

2. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

This light is one of the best floating pool lights you can purchase. It is especially useful if you own a metal pool. One side of your pool provides 50-watt halogen light. An external power source connects the other side of the light. This innovative light will begin floating once you disconnect it from the power source. The entire unit has a distinct advantage over battery-powered models.

3. Main Access, 13 Inch, Floating LED Light

Floating pool lights like this one have a waterproof design and an extensive color collection. The waterproofing lets you place the ball in any part of your pool. It has a special ellipsis design that gives a unique appearance to your pool. A wireless remote lets you control it from any place of your home. It takes about five hours to charge fully. Once loaded, you can use it for up to ten hours.

4. iTobest Swimming Pool LED Light Bulb

It is a 35 watt LED light bulb with excellent illumination. It has low power consumption and easy to install. It brightens up your pool area without heating itself. The bright light is sufficient to light even the biggest of the pools. It has a superior light output that outmatches the halogen and fluorescent counterparts.

5. Topist Submersible LED Lights

These submersible lights are available in packs and are ideal for use in and around your pool. You can program them to display unique RGB colors and change the level of light. You can even set it to flash, strobe, smooth, or fade settings. The submersible lights are quite inexpensive and can be used to light up your backyard as well.

6. Intex Floating LED Light

pool lighting

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Intex floating pool lights are suited for use in small in-ground pools or above ground pools up to 18 feet diameter. Although the light is of little intensity, floating lights from Intex do have vibrant colors. If you have a larger pool, consider using several of these lights for a great effect. This simple lighting unit requires 4 AAA batteries and will be shut off automatically after two hours.

7. Dragonfly Floating Lotus Light

Do you want to add a romantic flair to your pool? Floating dragonfly light might be just right for you. Its romantic and warm lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The lights are waterproof and can change colors. It makes a great addition when you are hosting a party or any special occasion.

8. GAME Solar Underwater Light Show

This light displays spectacular underwater shows once the sun goes down. You can charge it fully in just 8 hours of sunlight – even on a partly cloudy day. The ultra bright LED lights give out 10-foot-display and disco-effect lighting.

9. TOVEENEN High Brightness Pool Light

Choose high brightness lights for enjoying a safe swim during the night. This 60-watt LED light replaces your old 500-watts R40 incandescent bulbs. You will notice substantial savings in energy and costs.

10. Bonbo LED Pool Light Bulb

This light is a superpower LED bulb that can light a 30,000-gallon pool. Inbuilt overheat protection technology ensures its longevity and efficient operation. Specially designed optical lens converges the light beam and makes way for even lighting. It comes with an 18-month warranty and premium support as well.

There are several brands of pool lighting in the market. Every brand is unique and offers creative lights to jazz up your pool. Make your purchase based on your budget and how you wish to decorate your pool.

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