Having a gazebo is one of the most excellent ways to add some style to your outdoor living. Gazebos can be installed by your pool, patio, or in the garden. Swimming pool landscaping ideas will give you an enticing gazebo plan that helps to elevate your outdoor beauty.

Elevated Patio Gazebo

swimming pool landscaping ideas

Create a shady and relaxing gazebo for a perfect afternoon nap. You can add some lovely curtains to keep out excess sunlight. They also make a stylish addition and give a luxurious feel to your gazebo. These square shaped gazebos need not always adorn the classic look. But they do make a good substitute for hexagonal and octagonal gazebos when you are short on space. Convert your patio into a splendid escape spot with this gazebo.

Poolside Patio Gazebo

Build a gazebo around a pool. Swimming pool landscaping ideas will give you a greater insight into how you can add appropriate patio furniture. You can even convert this gazebo into a fabulous outdoor living room. They also add some extra seating space in your outdoor. These gazebos make a great venue to host pool parties or relax after a swim.

Simple Patio Gazebo

Have a simple gazebo built in your patio made from wood and cover its entrance with beautiful flowering plants. Its simplistic design adds a nice compliment to your patio. Have a bar and a grill nearby and convert it into a beautiful dining area.

Tall Patio Gazebo

This tall gazebo comes with an exciting lighting feature. Have some brightly lit lamps hanging from the roof. Enjoy socializing in this well-lit gazebo for long hours into the night. Add some Moroccan vibes to your gazebo by using a macramé canopy. Having some overhead plants add creativity and life to your gazebo.

swimming pool landscaping ideas

Poolside Gazebo

Create your favorite hangout spot by the pool using some fantastic swimming pool landscaping ideas. Add a curtain and some chic patio furniture to elevate its beauty. Consider having a conical roof and stone pillars for a striking design. Have a relaxing day with your friends and watch the day slip by in a relaxed manner.

Cloth Top Gazebo

This is one of the ideal gazebo designs for your patio. Sitting tall above a picnic table, it is an excellent gathering place during meals. This simple yet elegant design will leave your guests impressed. These gazebos have a polyester cover and a steel frame. Few also come with adjustable mosquito netting and are very affordable.

Pool Party Ready

With a patio, pool, and gazebo your home is ready for hosting a perfect pool party. There are many swimming pool landscaping ideas that will help you here. You can opt for large gazebos that can accommodate the adults while the kids enjoy a swim. Create a dining and lounge area for your guest to relax.

Screened Gazebo

Build a simple gazebo and screen it to protect yourself from bugs and other insects. This gazebo is very helpful for enjoying a peaceful outdoor time after dark. You can even add some furniture that compliments your gazebo appearance.

Outdoor Tea Room

Create a chic gazebo that is ready for cocktail hour and teatime alike. Create a metal seating structure and some cushions with vibrant colors. Decorate your gazebo with vines and enjoy your time outdoors.

Farmhouse Chic

Create a metal frame gazebo and paint it with green to give you a farmhouse feel. Consider having ultra-versatile sliding glass doors. This unique feature adds some style and elegance to your structure. Decorate your gazebo with hanging lamps and rustic furniture.

Gazebos truly enhance the beauty of your patio and backyard. Create one in your backyard with the help of the best pool designers in Boise.