You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “prevention is better than a cure”. This stands true for Marin pool maintenance. Neglecting your pool can lead to an unsavory bacteria build-up, which causes the water’s hygiene levels to nosedive. Here are some simple techniques to keep the pool pristine all year long!

1. Track the Water Composition

Keep track of the water composition 1-2 times in a week during the summers and once in two weeks during in winter. The optimal level of pH is between 7.2 and 7.8.

2. Routinely Scrutinize Your Water Levels 

Portland Swimming Pool Water

You must check your water level and make sure that the water is at the center level of the pool tiles ideally. If the pool water is less, the pump will go dry or if it is overly full, the skimmer door would not function well.

3. Check the Chlorinator to Avert Clogging

An in-line chlorinator, which you use in your pool, must be checked periodically, especially when you are loading chlorine tablets to prevent clogging.

4. Let Pool Cleaners Clean Your Tile Line

Every week do clean your tile line, as it will curb the constant build up of salt deposits. When the pH is high there will be some buildup so make sure to keep the pH levels low and you can reach out to Marin pool cleaning professionals for the task.

5. Carefully Stock Pool Chemicals

Consistently keep the pool chemicals in a cool dry room with no direct sunlight. Moreover, acids and chlorine must not be kept adjacent to each other.

6. Insist on Regular Cleaning If You Own Pets

Fresno pool cleaning

Keep plants, animals away from the water to keep it hygienic. Animal waste promotes algae. So make sure the water is routinely cleaned.

7. Ensure Pool Safety

Have protective barriers around the pool to keep the children safe. Maintain gates that have a self-locking mechanism that is simple and easy to use. Moreover, the gate should open away from the pool and not into the pool.

8. Do Not Forget to Clean the Lint Pot

The lint pot located on the pool pump must be cleaned once in a couple of weeks or as required.

9. Add Chlorine After Careful Study of pH Levels 

The higher the pH level, the more chlorine your pool requires. The reason for this is that as the pH rises, the chlorine gradually becomes less active. Seek the counsel of a pool cleaning expert to seamlessly maintain your pool.

10. Study a Swift Guide to Clean Pool Filters

Here are some quick tips to clean the filters-

  • Soak dirty filters in a solution with 10% muriatic acid.
  • Use a rubbish bin that is made up of rubber
  • Always wear gloves and eye protection
  • It’s important to add acid to water and not water to the chemicals
  • After this, rinse the filter until it’s clean and let it dry

While you could attempt pool maintenance on your own; experienced professionals in Marin pool maintenance are best posed to help you shock your backyard pool and keep it clean.

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