You shouldn’t allow the fact that you do not know swimming, or that your kids can’t swim keep you far from Temecula summer pool parties. If the person hosting has a pool with “shallow end” or with a beach entry in the backyard pool, even people who cannot swim can have a great time in the pool. Remember that if you can’t swim, you should put on a life vest, no matter your age. If you are an experienced swimmer and want to make an impression a little bit, here are pool tricks that even an amateur can do.

pool tricks

1. The Underwater Handstand

As a child, this pool trick was even more stylish than somersaults. You can do it in pool water that does not go above the head when you’re standing. Then, project your body downward, placing the hands on the floor of the pool, while keeping your body upright so your feet are protruding out of the pool water.

2. Night Fever

Make a disco dance move as you jump into the pool.

3. The underwater somersault

If you are like many people, you have seen swimmers perform underwater somersault and were amazed, right? These are enjoyable pool tricks and as well as helpful skills for lap swimmers.

To do a flip, you should practice in pool water that is not above your head; when you are just getting started. You need to bend at the waist, use your legs arms to propel yourself forward to make it easier for you to rotate in a circle.

4. The Dive

When diving, you should ensure there’s nobody in the way. It is important to not take a plunge during a pool party. Make sure you keep the arms extended above the head for protection.

To perform a clean, almost splash-free dive will need lots of boldness and lots of practice. Be ready to perform a couple of belly flops prior to getting it right.

5. Frogger

With your legs spread out and a little bent at the knees, dive into the pool water.

pool tricks

6. Cannonball

Any person, of any skill level or age, can gain mastery in the “art” of the cannonball. All you have to to do is take a big leap into the pool water while you tuck the knees up to the tummy and wrap the arms around the legs.

You’ll know you have perfected it when you hear the splash as well as the screams of everybody at the poolside.

7. Base jumper

With the knees bent behind you, jump while facing down.  It is going to sting hurt like a belly flop.

8. Swan Dive

Keep your back arched, the arms out wide and legs straight. After that, bring the arms in as you hit the pool water.

9. The tricky tumble turn

If you are doing laps, the tumble turns makes changing course a more flexible maneuver without slowing you down. When you are close to the pool’s wall, do a flip and twist onto the tummy before going to the other side of the pool.

10. Pencil

With both arms by your side and legs straight, dive into the pool.

pool tricks

What are Your Favorite Pool Tricks?

Getting some pool tricks will make pool time more enjoyable, but it is also essential to stay safe. You can prevent choking on the water by using nose and ear plugs, beware of the hard surfaces, and wear sunscreen. For all of your swimming pool needs, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula today!

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