Getting a pool built is a one-time endeavor and takes a great deal of planning much like a home remodel. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind the intricacies of the project as you shortlist a pool builder OKC. Here are a few questions you should ask your pool builder before getting started.

Ask Them About Their Past Experience 

Make sure you ask the firm or the pool builder you will hire about their past experience. Also, ask to see pictures of the types of pools they’ve built in order to appreciate their quality of work.

10 Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder 2

Ask for Customer References

Ask for a customer reference list. If the company or builder fails to provide you the list, consider this a red flag. In case you do get a reference list, make sure to seek testimonials from past clients to ensure they are the right team for the job.

What Are Their Customer Ratings and Reviews?

An experienced builder would surely show you their ratings and reviews if and when they’re demanded. A trustworthy review can help you in deciding and choosing a builder. It offers insight into their experience, material they normally work with, client satisfaction, etc.

What Grade of Material Do They Use?

Make sure to ask about the kind of material that would be used while building the pool. Is material is certified or not? Furthermore, do the fixtures come with a warranty?

Do They Offer the Workmanship Warranty?

 You should cover all issues such as potential leakages, structural problems, etc, under the workmanship warranty. Most of the builders would provide you a warranty of one year.

How Long Have They Been In The Business?

While experience is one facet, when you converse with your pool builder OKC, find out how long they have been in the business. The construction project is a substantial investment on your part. Hence such inquiries help protect your investment.

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What Are The Planning and Design Specifics?

After the builder has visited the site, had a look at the exact design you seek and taken the measurements; make sure to ask them for a detailed building plan for the project. Before the construction begins, they must plan water features, location of the pump, addition of fencing, etc.

Ask For An Estimate of the Cost

Even though getting an elaborate pool built can be a little expensive, ask for a rate card or estimate. This lets you make sure that you are not overcharged. Also, ask for the bills of the materials purchased and labor for the same reason.

Do They Have Insurance?

You must ascertain whether the company covers labor’s insurance. It is instrumental in ensuring that your dream pool does not turn out to be a liability for you. An inexperienced builder might not cover the same, therefore, do hire seasoned professionals.

Construction Time 

After you have made up your mind and have chosen a pool builder that you prefer, ask them for a tentative date of completion. It shall offer you information as to when the construction would start and its duration. Plan your schedule accordingly so that you are unimpeded by the backyard construction.

Once you find a builder who can answer all your questions, you may commence the project having hired the best pool builder OKC for you!

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