Summer is here and you want to spend as much time as possible in your Redding pool. Indeed, swimming is a relaxing activity as it is, but to make it more exciting, you can play awesome swimming pool games. And you can multiply this fun when you get your friends and family to participate. So, here are the top pool games to help you get started.

Marco Polo

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A very popular game among children, Marco Polo is a simple pool game. First, the group chooses one player to be “it”. He will be blindfolded, and then he starts counting to say 50. Meanwhile, all the other children scatter around in the pool. After finishing counting, the “it” player calls out “Marco” and tags the other players, following their voices as they respond to him by saying “Polo”.

Water Hoops

Set up a floating basketball hoop in your pool and test your ball shooting skills. Or, you can buy one that rests on the edge of the pool. You can use any kind of ball for this pool game. Since we are trying to have fun, get creative with different versions of the game. Instead of swimming to the hoop, try moving around on a float or pool noodles to make it more interesting.

Diving Board Catch

One player jumps into the pool from the diving board or jump board. The other players throw a ball at him, so he can catch it. Basically, it is the opposite of dodgeball. Instead of dodging the ball, you have to catch it. The more balls you throw, the more fun you have.

Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is another great water tag game. There is one shark who stays in the middle of the pool and several minnows standing at the ends. As soon as the shark calls out “Minnows in!” the minnows dive in and try to get to the opposite end. When a minnow gets tagged by the shark, he becomes a shark too and the game continues till all minnows are caught.

Bumper Balls

10 Swimming Pool Games to Try Out in Your Pool This Summer 2One of the swimming pool games that work well in groups is bumper balls. It is the pool version of bumper cars. Make a section in the pool using a rope. All the players get into this section and start to bump one another with beach balls. Whoever bumps and touches the rope leaves the pool. The final player remaining in the pool is the winner.

Greasy Watermelon

The game is exactly as the name suggests. Take a watermelon and dab it completely with vaseline and make it greasy. Drop it into the pool and enjoy the antics of the players while they try to get hold of the slippery watermelon. Your pool itself makes things slippery and upon that you choose a round object with no handle, and make it greasy. Need we say more about how hilarious the whole show will be!

Chicken Fight

pool partyThis is a pool game that all the members in the family can enjoy equally. Two teams can play against each other in a single round. Parents or older children carry a younger kid each on their shoulders. The player who is on the top fights to knock off the opposite team’s player on top. This goes on until all the teams have a playoff.

Scavenger Hunt

Pick a safe bunch of items that tend to sink to the bottom of the pool, like coins, for example. Divide the players into two teams and when you say “go”, let them dive in for a treasure hunt. The team that collects more items will be the winning team.

Noodle Joust

A pool noodle can be used in a lot of innovative ways, for safety, exercise, and fun. Make two players sit on a float in the middle of the pool. Next, arm them with a pool noodle each. Let them hit each other and try to make the other player fall into the pool. Play it in a tournament style and distribute candy as prizes for the finalists.

Floatie Relay

Floatie relay is where players paddle to one end of the pool, drop an object at the bottom of the pool and come back. Then, they tag another player who takes their float, retrieves the object and the race continues. They go back and forth until all the players have participated. Whoever finishes first, is the winner.

Well, does this list of swimming pool games make you eager to get into your Redding pool and try them out? Then get your pool in shape for summer; call Premier Pools and Spas of Redding now!

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