The Gulf Coast region stretches for hundreds of miles. Its humid subtropical climate interspersed with warm breeze makes having a pool with waterfall, a refreshing delight. In addition to providing a spectacular view, pool waterfalls have a very soothing effect.

An impressive cascading waterfall can either be man-made or artificial. When you consider installing a pool with waterfall, choose from the ten best designs on offer:

Tranquil yet Exotic

water features

For an outstanding landscape, incorporate waterfalls to depict a serene Mediterranean setting or a tropical ambiance. Using natural stone combined with faux rock helps replicate a very authentic backdrop.

Modern technology enables you to have control over the speed of the flow of water. For a truly dynamic pool waterfall effect, install LED lights which you can alter to set the right mood.

Green Touch

pool with waterfall

Interspersing your pool with waterfall feature with hints of greenery add to the overall appeal. For a modern vibe to your poolscape, add plush poolside seats. Should you prefer a more rustic look, design your waterfall with rocks that lend the required touch. Also, a thatched roof hut completes the setting for an inviting escape.

Mystical Aura

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Creating remarkable grotto structures with adequate lighting exude a certain magical charm. Trendy features like swim-up bars, spiral staircases, and relaxing hideouts add to the mystery element.

Classy and Understated

Imaginative pool with waterfall designs adds both textural contrast and visual appeal to your outdoor space. You need not focus on just one big waterfall but can also customize features to stylize your pool deck. Structures flanked by water slides and overflowing fountains enhance modern surroundings.

Modest Makeover

The idea is to make your waterfall feature appear to be a natural extension of your property. Create a homely vibe with elegant overflowing bowls or stylish custom made water screens. This eye-catching feature must seamlessly weave its magic into your existing backdrop. Placing a fireplace just next to your pool makes your backyard even more inviting.

Sleek and Contemporary  

Keep it simple yet chic by smartly making water fountains double up as pool waterfalls. Similarly, adding frills to a water circulating mechanism; however simple can make it resemble a pool waterfall.

Oasis Effect

Building a gazebo on your poolside close to your waterfall helps create a dedicated stress-free zone. You will be tempted to unwind here more often either by yourself or with family and friends.

Dual Impact

Installing a fountain as well as a pool with a waterfall makes quite a combination. The different sounds created as the water flows is music to your ears.

Lively Creation

Installing waterfalls on either side of the pool with firelight illuminations emit a soothing effect. You are bound to lose track of time while taking a dip here.

Improvised Approach

To avoid a massive blow to your finances, resort to makeshift water fountains instead. Their dramatic and captivating presence does the trick transforming a poolside into a serene getaway.

Convert your backyard into a luxurious summer retreat and increase the value of your property.