When you are designing your pool, one of the most enjoyable parts if planning the pool and looking at the available pool designs that could be in your backyard. Swimming pool designs never cease to amaze us even when we think we have seen everything, there is something new that comes up and gets us excited about a new design or a new upgrade. In this article, we are going to show you 10 unique and inspiring pool designs.

Landscaped Hedges

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 1

Having a pool with this gorgeous design will make your yard gorgeous, but you can go to the next level when you have a pool that has landscaped hedges. Imagine looking down from your house at this amazing pool with its landscaped hedges and beautiful design.

Simple With Strategically Placed Plants

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 2

This pool is simply beautiful (pun intended). With its simple design and sleek lines, when it comes to pool designs, this might not be one of the more complicated designs, but it is beautiful. Having the area to the side where you can rest and relax out of the sun as well as the beautiful plants by the pool makes for a gorgeous setting. The water is sparkling and clear with this pool design.

Heated Sofas and Geometric Pool

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 3

The homeowners decide to go simple when they looked through pool designs but opted to put in heated sofas to encourage guests to take themselves outside even when it was a little chilly.

Walking on Water

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 4

If you ever wanted to walk on water, this is the perfect pool for you. The rocks that were set in the pool make it feel as if you are walking across the water in this backyard paradise.

Black & White Pool Designs

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 5

Whether it is black and white or another color, having a defined color for your pool design can make it look beautiful and uniform. In this case, the owners decided they wanted something a little calmer, but if you like color, you can make your backyard as colorful as you want.

Infinity Edge Into the Water

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 6

Having a pool with an infinity edge is gorgeous but when you have a lovely water view, it is even more gorgeous when it comes to pool designs.

Spa in the Woods

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 7

While this spa isn’t exactly in the woods, it is close to it and makes you feel as if you are out in the wilderness enjoying a nice soak in a hot spring.

Infinity Edge on the Mountain

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 8

Another perfect setting for infinity pool designs is when you have a mountain setting.

Connecting Channel Swimming Pool

pool designs

In this swimming pool, you have the spa connected to the pool with a concrete channel. Great for the flow of the environment.

Natural Swimming Pool

10 Unique & Inspiring Pool Designs 9

When you create a natural swimming pool, you are able to experience the feel of a natural pond without the wildlife.

Photos courtesy of HouseBeautiful.com

If you are ready to create your own beautiful backyard, make sure to give us a call so we can help you through the process.

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