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Are you looking forward to throwing a pool party this year?

Summer is here and a lot of people look to escape the heat by throwing a pool party for their friends and family. This serves as both a fun time and a power move to raise their status in their local neighborhood.

Pools can make people look more respectable, especially pools with amazing designs.

If you want to have a pool built to throw a party with, it’s best to use one of the latest pool designs popular among homeowners today. These designs will impress anyone you invite for a party or a simple gathering. These backyard and pool designs are also functional and will make your backyard look beautiful.

Here are 15 of the latest pool trends you can use as inspiration when having your pool built.

1. Tropical Pool Design

What better way to enjoy the summer than by leaning into the heat it brings? A lot of people have the same train of thought, which is why this is one of the most popular swimming pool trends today. What also makes a tropical theme popular is that the landscaping involved makes your backyard lush and beautiful.

Pulling off this design is something of a task, as most tropical pools push for the growth of a palm tree. This doesn’t mean you’ll settle for throwing your pool party when the tree grows to maturity though. You can have a full-grown tree delivered and planted in your backyard for you.

With this design for your swimming pool, you can transform your backyard into an island retreat.

2. Desert Oasis Pool Design

Another popular design trend is going for the desert oasis look. This is one of the latest pool designs among homeowners because of how simple the maintenance is.

Succeeding with this design relies on using the correct plants for your decoration. The design focuses on using succulents or other flora common in desert landscapes. These low maintenance plants are a big reason why people prefer this for their swimming pool.

Other popular furnishings for this design are also low maintenance. Concrete balls are a good complement to the plants and the sand they’re often accompanied by. In fact, plain decoration and furnishings work better than elaborate ones.

3. Luxury Pavilions

These small buildings are common add-ons whenever someone wants a pool built. The reason they’re a current trend because these structures reinforce the purposes of a swimming pool.

The main reason you want to take a dip in your pool is to escape the summer heat. Having a pavilion by your pool helps with this by providing much-needed shade to escape the sun. These are also big enough for homeowners to furnish with their own themes.

Structures similar to these are pergolas and pagodas. Pagodas often have a wider area while pergolas offer a semi-shaded coverage. Pergolas are better for walkways as they keep the area well-lit.

These also allow you to grow hanging plants through them to provide more natural shade.

4. Mediterranean Inspired Pool Design

A lot of pool owners often go for a Mediterranean inspired pool theme. The theme itself brings a calming sense for anyone looking to relax. This is similar to the tropical island design theme, but it brings a different vibe.

The simpler design of this theme has a way of relieving the anxiety and stress of whoever sits back to absorb them. It may be because of rustic textures they use for the wood surrounding it or the terra cotta furnishings. Regardless of what it is though, it makes you feel as if you’re on vacation.

A Mediterranean design often involves a rectangular pool. Plants involved with the theme are not as low maintenance as the ones in the tropical theme. Small, colorful plants are what this design theme calls for.

Lavenders and ornamental grasses are the easiest ones to maintain. You can also go for fruit-bearing plants like olives and citrus trees for a more authentic vibe.

5. Mosaic Tiles

More pool owners are using mosaic tiles to decorate their pools nowadays. They require the least maintenance after finishing the pool and are among the cheapest decorations to spend on when building your pool.

For the most part, it’s because they’re made from ceramic or recycled glass. Despite this though, the colors they come in aren’t limited to basic ceramic shades. This makes it possible for you to plan all sorts of designs for your pool.

What’s great about mosaic tile designs is that they’re a cost-effective investment. They last a long time and can replace water-proof paint used for swimming pools. What makes them better is that they don’t have any need for retouching.

6. Spools

“Spool” is the name given to swimming pool add-ons. Their name is a short version for ‘small pool,’ and they’re often used as indoor pools. You can use these as a small extension for your swimming pool though.

Adding these smaller pools to your main one gives you a few opportunities for design. You can have it at the same height as the main pool in the center. This gives you the option to design your pool as a flower or something similar.

You can also have it at a higher elevation. You can treat this as a jacuzzi for those who want to relax in heated water. Having it higher means it needs something to cover up the concrete sticking out of the ground.

Designs can vary from plain colors to a natural rock formation leading up to a natural basin of water.

7. Negative Edge/Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

Among the popular swimming pool styles, this design is the most used by urban swimming pools. A negative edge is a design choice popular among beachfront properties. They make it so that the edge of the swimming pool looks like it continues to the sea/ocean.

You can use this design to bring an immeasurable level of beauty to your swimming pool. Having a negative edge makes it so the ends of the pool don’t destroy the effect of the view your swimming pool leads to.

8. Swim-Up Bars

Swim-up bars are also something that can give you inspiration on what to design your pool. You can turn the bar you swim up to into a sort of tiki bar and work from that. Doing so can add a festive party vibe to any event.

Regardless of what design you choose, your swim-up bar should have chairs around it. A mistake many homeowners make is having a swim-up bar with nowhere to sit.

This defeats the purpose of having a swim-up bar in the first place. You go to a swim-up bar to take a break and enjoy your cocktail. Not having anywhere to sit can result on your drink spilling unless you get out of the pool.

9. Campfire Pool

You can plan to have your swimming pool with a resting lounge in the middle. Here, you can have ankle deep water with a place to sit around. In the middle, you have the option to put anything as a centerpiece.

Why not go for a camping theme and place a fire pit in the middle of the lounge?

A campfire swimming pool is a popular trend, as it combines two different forms or relaxation; one where you have fun moving around under the sun and one where you sit under the night’s sky around a fire and watch the stars.

This will make your swimming pool perfect for both the hot summer days and summer nights.

10. Vinyl Swimming Pool Lining

Designing your swimming pool starts with deciding what to line it with. Traditional swimming pools have a concrete lining and foundation. This ensures the pool stays whole and no spills happen when the surface becomes damaged.

Today, a popular trend is using a vinyl lining for your swimming pool. More people use vinyl because the finish it offers is smoother than concrete. This removes the need to layer it with other materials to make it less rough.

It also removes the need to wait for the concrete to dry out. This results in a faster installation time, which is good since summer is already here.

To this day, the debate for concrete vs. vinyl swimming pools goes on. There’s no denying vinyl is the more time-efficient choice though,

11. Semi-Submerged Tanning Shelves

Lounge chairs are one of the essential pool accessories you should get when having a pool built. You can place them in their traditional places by the side of the pool out of the water. You can also get creative and design your pool to have a tanning shelf.

Tanning shelves are the perfect place to relax after a vigorous swim. Most tanning shelves find themselves semi-submerged in the water, often having only the first five inches of the chair submerged.

Those who want to relax don’t need to step on the hot concrete outside the pool. Instead, they only need to travel to the tanning shelves to get onto a lounge chair.

12. Smart Pool

Smart pools are one of the newer pool trends today. These are self-maintaining pools that only need manual maintenance when fixing its cleaning unit. This is a must-have for families who don’t have the time to maintain their pools themselves.

You can use this as the main focus of your pool’s design and work around its main features. For example, a modern and minimalistic design is something you can consider. This shows your guests how effortless and simple it is to own a swimming pool.

There’s no need to take time out of your day to maintain your pool if you have a smart pool installed.

13. Diving Boards

Like the smart pool, you can use a diving board to add some flair to the final outcome of your pool. Getting yourself a diving board shows you’re a sporty person. Consider molding your pool to fit this add-on.

Long swimming pools are a great way to show that you’re a sporty swimmer. A longer swimming pool will also hide the length of the board. This is often a problem with other households, as they find the length of the board to be an eye-sore.

You can also opt for simpler furnishings as it goes well with this theme. Plain colors and small shrubs will complement the design you’re going for in this case.

14. Customized Pool Shapes

The best pool designs don’t settle for the simple rectangular shape. While there’s nothing wrong with the rectangular design, it’s too boring for most people nowadays. To keep up with the trend, you may want to get creative with the shape of your pool.

Consider unique shapes when planning your swimming pool. Basic shapes like crescents offer a break from the regular design but are also overused.

Instead, put the available space in your yard into consideration. A simple look at your backyard should give you a clear picture of the potential shape of your swimming pool. This should give you a custom shape to help you personalize your pool.

15. Dark Interior Pools

Dark interiors give the impression that a pool is deeper than it is. This is perfect if you’re going for an ocean design theme for your swimming pool. A light interior going darker as it goes to the center makes it look like you’re swimming above the abyss.

This also makes the swimming pool look like it’s a lagoon. So, if you plan on strengthening the tropical ocean theme, this is what you should go for.

Use These Latest Pool Designs Today!

The latest pool designs ensure your pool party doesn’t become drab and boring on its own. Use these ideas to inspire yourself while planning your dream swimming pool now!

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