The summer season is usually pool time. When the temperatures increase, swimming pools are flocked with adults and children to cool off and have fun playing some classic pool games. Locating a swimming pool to play these games is quite easy, as soon as you have located your pool; it is time for you to plan your games.

pool games

Marco polo

After a lot of research, the evidence is quite clear. This pool game experiences more cheaters compared to any other globally. The rules are that one individual needs to close their eyes and try to look for the other players. They yell “Marco” while the other participants are meant to yell “Polo” in reply; however, that is not often the case. If somebody is near the individual yelling “Marco,” they remain silent. What is more, the individual shouting “Marco” usually sneaks a quick look.

Treasure diving

This really is a fantastic game for children with goggles. The idea is straightforward: Select a small, non-floating item and throw it into the swimming pool. Have the children race to find the item and get it first. There are numerous fun variations on the treasure diving pool games. It is easy to change it into a longer challenge by throwing lots of pennies into various sections of a huge pool and challenging children to locate them all. For more powerful swimmers, they can enjoy the game in the deep end of the pool.

pool games

Chicken fight

This game is for the more mature children, and perhaps even for the parents. A chicken fight in the swimming pool is similar to double-decker wrestling. Two teams comprising of two individuals each taking part. Each team consists of a “top” and a “bottom”. The “top” climbs onto the shoulders of the “bottom”. The two “top” individuals are the only ones who actively wrestle. The aim is to topple your challenger into the water, either by knocking just the “top” or both “bottom” and “top” together.

Sharks and minnows

In its simplest form, sharks and minnows is a sport of water tag. The fascinating game begins with one shark and a number of minnows. The shark lurks lies in wait at one end (or the center) of the swimming pool. The minnows position themselves at the other end. The moment the shark shouts “Minnows in!” or an identical phrase, the minnows dive or leap into the pool and attempt to swim to the other side without the shark tagging them. Each Minnow that is tagged by the shark joins the shark’s team, helping to tag other minnows. The last minnow ends up being the first shark in the next round.

pool games

Relay races

It is a fantastic game for swimming pool parties and works basically the same as any other relay. You may want to make it enjoyable by getting the participants to have a Ping Pong ball on a spoon and swim to each end. Or have each person try to get a ball from one side of the pool to the other without touching the ball; they must do it over again if they touch the ball.

Do you own a pool at home? What type of pool games can you add to this list?

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