Maintenance hacks can be a lifesaver when you can’t run to the store but you need to fix something on your pool. Always expanding your knowledge of how to fix things and make sure things stay in their place will enable you to rest easy because you’ll have a full bag of tricks when it comes to maintenance hacks.

maintenance hacks

Maintenance Hacks for You

Need to filter out debris before it enters your pool’s filter? Hello, old pantyhose! Grab an old pair of pantyhose and put them around your skimmer baskets. These works get for collecting fine debris because of the material of the pantyhose. The normal skimmer basket is good for collecting debris but not as good as old pantyhose. You can easily replace the pantyhose with another pair when they get full.

Grab a tennis ball for this next one out of the maintenance hacks. This will help you remove oils from the surface of the water. The tennis ball absorbs oils left behind by swimmers. Yes, that’s right, swimmer pools like suntan lotion, hairspray, and other various products. Just put it in the water and let it float or you can put them in your skimmer as long as you keep the skimmer basket where it goes

Enter baking soda stage right (you can also use soda ash) to increase the alkalinity in your pool water. This will also increase the pH. Alkalinity is a pH buffer and you want to keep it between 100 and 150 ppm. PPM = Parts per million.

maintenance hacks

Maintenance Hacks and Pool Ownership

While some maintenance hacks are totally fine, you do want to make sure that whatever you are doing is doing its job to keep your pool safe. If your way of doing things is not getting the job done, make sure you invest in equipment that is going to do well with your pool. Instead of being frustrated with your pool, make sure you are taking care of it properly as well.

Owning your own pool can be a lot of responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be a pain. Just like keeping up with proper maintenance on your car, you need to make sure that you do that with your pool as well. Regularly checking up on your pool and making sure that the chemicals are at the proper levels is going to make your life as a pool owner much easier. There are plenty of guidelines to follow and expert advice so you don’t have to be working in the dark.

maintenance hacks

Maybe you aren’t a pool owner yet. If you aren’t, get excited because pool ownership is an amazing gift. Being able to go onto your pool property for an amazing swim is extremely gratifying. Just think about looking out your back door and seeing your favorite pool in the world – your pool! Speak with a professional that knows how to help your design come to life and that feeling and that vision could be yours.

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