backyard pool

If you’re a homeowner, one of the best investments you can make is installing a backyard pool. Pool installation, especially for in ground pools, can be a little costly, but the enjoyment, value, and entertainment you will receive from it is virtually unmatched in the home improvement arena. Here are three reasons to get on the phone with the best pool builders in your area today!

1.) Equity: One of the most important steps for any homeowner should be building equity on what’s probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Even if you don’t have intentions of selling anytime soon, you always want to try and increase the value whenever you can. Installing an in ground backyard pool can cost between $20,000 and $50,000, but it will also add up to 8% of value to your house almost instantly. They are extremely popular with most families and makes your home that much more appealing to potential suitors. Many people like the idea of a pool, but don’t want to deal with the installation process.

2.) Kids: Kids love pools. It doesn’t get much better than jumping into a pool on a hot summer day, or relaxing in the sun poolside. In fact, 36% of kids between 7 and 17 years old (and 15% of adults) swim at least six times per year in the United States. Overall swimming is the third most-popular sport/activity behind walking and exercising with equipment.

3.) Social Gatherings: Your kids aren’t the only ones that will enjoy a backyard pool. Whether you’re hosting a cookout for co-workers, or a family reunion, in ground pools make for the perfect gathering point. Even if people don’t want to take the plunge, there’s something about lounging around a body of water that makes food taste better, the air smell cleaner, and cold beverages go down smoother. Try finding one person who’s upset at a poolside party. Exactly.

Make the call. There’s no doubt that installing a backyard pool is not only a sound financial decision, but also an opportunity to create your own slice of paradise.