A large drawing point of hotels and various locations are their spectacular pools. If you look at any hotels around the world that are considered luxury hotels, you will see that they showcase their spectacular pools. In this article, we are going to look at 3 spectacular pools as well as go over how you could create your own paradise in your backyard.

Check Out These Spectacular Pools

The following pools that you are going to see are some of the most spectacular pools you are going to see around the world. You can gain inspiration from these beauties and start to plan your own backyard pool project.

spectacular pools

Credit: Da Vida Pools, LLC, Andre Del Re & Lisa North, CBP, original photo on Houzz

This pool is usually called “The Matador,” with its crimson tile. This amazing lap pool and its retaining wall clash with the surrounding landscape in a beautiful way.

spectacular pools

Credit: Dan Forer, Photographer, original photo on Houzz

This pool belongs to a villa overlooking the neighboring island of the Caribbean. You can see the beautiful sunset perfectly from this pool. Water as far as you can see.


How Difficult Is It to Create Spectacular Pools?

You may be looking at these spectacular pools and thinking it is going to be near impossible to get something like this for yourself. While a beautiful design like this may have been only for the super-elite in the past, the truth is that it could be in your backyard if you had a professional to help you put a plan together.

Planning Your Pool

If you are at the stage where you are ready to plan your pool and the surrounding areas there is plenty to think about.

Some of the things to think about are:

  • How big do you want your pool to be?
  • Do you want a traditional pool?
  • What material do you want your pool to be?
  • How much focus on your going to put on the surrounding landscape?

These are just a few of the questions you may have when you are putting your plan into place with your new pool. As you go along with the process, there are likely to be more questions that arise. This is why it is smart to bring in a professional early in the game. Instead of having to catch them up on what you are thinking, you can go through the process together to be able to create something amazing.

Imagine your backyard being one of the spectacular pools that everyone wants to come to see. If you work with someone that knows what they are doing, you may just be surprised what your budget is going to afford you. If you have a limited budget, there could be options that you haven’t thought about that will allow you to get what you want without breaking the bank. You’ll never know if you don’t speak to someone that has the knowledge that you need to move forward.