If you have an indoor pool, you may want to enhance it by incorporating water features. With the installation of some pool water features, you can add more aesthetic value to your pool area.  You can select the right options by considering the shape and style of your pool. Here are some pool features that you can consider:

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Pool Waterfalls

If you want to add a breathtaking element to your indoor pool, you should consider installing a stunning waterfall. There is a huge variety of designs available for pool waterfalls. You can choose a sheer waterfall, wall-mounted waterfall, rain curtain waterfall, or a natural rock waterfall, depending on your preferences. Whatever your choice is, it should coordinate with the existing interior to create a cohesive look. When installing a pool waterfall, lighting can also enhance the overall appeal of this feature. You can choose colorful LED lights for your swimming pool and waterfall, for added drama.

Pool Fountains

Whether you choose a deck fountain or a floating one, this feature gives an elegant touch to your swimming pool. A deck fountain is installed on the pool deck, along the perimeter. Floating fountains, on the other hand, are installed in the center or a corner of the pool based on your preference. You can install a fountain to create a unique ambiance. The sparkling overflow and soothing sound of the fountain create a calming atmosphere that is ideal for unwinding.

Pool Bubblers

You might have seen fun pool bubblers in and around public pools. You can add this feature to your indoor pool as well. Pool bubblers, also called jets, shoot water off of the floor to create the look of a geyser. You can also install a pool bubbler in the shallow end of your pool. A thin stream of water shoots from the deck into the pool through the bubblers.

Pool bubblers are especially fun for children. On days when full submersion isn’t on the agenda, pool bubblers offer a quick cool-off.

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Attached Spas

To add a dramatic element to your pool area, consider adding a  spillover spa to your pool. The warmth of a spa has a soothing effect on your body. Imagine soaking in hot water after a swim in the cold pool. There are many types of pool spas to choose from. You should take into consideration the size and shape of your pool to make when choosing your spa. Spas can be attached to your swimming pools for a more modern and cohesive look.

Rain Curtain

A rain curtain is a unique indoor pool water feature for an indoor or outdoor pool. It offers the “wow factor” for both family and guests. With this feature, water gushes down from an elevated beam in pencil-like streams that create the appearance of a water curtain. Apart from its visual appeal, a rain curtain also creates the soothing sound of raindrops.

If you’re interested in adding an amazing water feature to your indoor pool, contact Premier today for a free quote!

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