Pool lights are the newest trend to watch for. Adding lights to pool makes it more attractive and is the perfect way to illuminate your entire backyard design. With floating pool lights, it is possible to enhance and define various architectural elements of your pool. Moreover, it can be used to enhance pool’s safety and water effects like waterfalls and spas.

Since there are innumerable options available, so it’s difficult to figure out the perfect pool light you’re your swimming pool. Hence, here we share with you the best pool floating lights that will make your pool more beautiful and well-lit.

13-Inch Main Access Floating LED Light

floating pool lights

It is a waterproof light design that comes in an ellipse, ball-like shape. It easily floats on the pool surface and is available in varieties of colors. You can go for single color or multiple color options to set the desired mood.

Incorporating these lights adds a unique note to the overall pool’s atmosphere. With a wireless remote, it is easy to switch on and off from a distance. Five hours charging delivers ten hours functionality.

Solar Powered Floating Lotus Flower Light

If you love the serenity and beauty of lotus candles floating upon the water, you can inculcate the same charm to your pool. Install floating lotus flower shaped LED lights to avail 12 hours of regular light with a single charge of at least 8 hours under the sunlight.

It is a battery-free and hence energy efficient solution with long-lasting bulb delivering at least 20,000 hours of service. Using these lights is a good way to enhance pool’s ambiance and recreate the atmosphere.

Dragonfly LED Floating Lights

These floating pool lights add a romantic flair to the pool and are ideal if you want a unique and distinct lighting solution. These romantic and warm lights are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Color-changing and waterproof functionality make these lights great to use and flame resistance. Hence, you can use them as lighting solutions for not only pools, but also for home, parties, wedding, and other special events.

Battery Operated Floating LED Light

floating lights

For homeowners with small in-ground pool or pools above ground and 18 feet in diameter, these LED lights offer an excellent solution. Though it does not illuminate much, it gives a nice color, which can fill the overall atmosphere with distinctive beauty.

They are battery operated units that use 4AAA batteries, which you need to purchase separately. It is an excellent choice to meet simple lightning solution.

Floating Light Balls

If you simply want to add light to your pool without adding some color, then these simple floating light balls are a viable option. They come in 16-inch size and are battery operated.

For homeowners opting for floating pool lights, they can pick among four distinct lighting modes. Using it can add a splash of color to one part of the pool. For a perfect party atmosphere, use multiple of them. With remote control functionality, operating these light balls is very easy. Single charge takes 4 hours to complete and can lit for 12 hours.

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