As summer approaches in Tucson, you should consider taking a break from the gym and think about swimming pool workouts to keep yourself fit and refreshed. Swimming is one of the best ways to get in shape. This is because it focuses on your whole body and by using low impact physical activities. Swimming pool workouts will reduce your fat levels and build more muscle, keeping you in shape the entire summer. You can enjoy all these right in your Tucson backyard pool.

swimming pool workouts

Consider these Swimming Pool Workouts This Summer:

1. Kick Drills

To perform this swimming pool workout, place a kickboard in front of your body and make sure it is at arm’s length. Start kicking as you tighten your core muscles. Focus on flexing and ‘waving’ your foot way past the 90-degree mark. This will make you a better swimmer through bettering your propulsion.

2. Breast Stroke and Butterfly Workouts

If you want to strengthen your core muscles, then you should focus on swimming pool workouts that target the whole upper body such as butterfly and breaststroke. To achieve speed and endurance, then add this workout by performing a one arm pull for every three leg kicks. As was the case above, focus on tightening your core muscles, for the best results.

3. Water Running

This is one of the best swimming pool workouts also known as the aqua jog. This intense cardiovascular exercise delivers the full jogging experience without having to endure the cruel aspects of the physical surface.

swimming pool workouts

To perform this workout, run as you normally would on the track. You should straighten your back and arms should be slightly bent near the elbow while making fists that pump into the water as you run. Run as hard and as fast as you can!

4. Leg and Core Toners

To perform this exercise, start by standing in the swimming pool with your back against the sides. Then extend your arms back holding the edge of the pool on each side. You should then lift your legs up to the surface while holding them together until they appear on the surface. Afterward, separate them to form the letter “v” and then bring them together. Keep them together as you bring them towards the starting position, with your movements slow and controlled. You should focus on using your abs and glutes to perform this exercise.

5. Water Crunches

This is one of the best swimming pool workouts that target and isolate the abs effectively with a great range of motion. For this exercise, you should start by floating in the water on your back, close to the side of the pool. You should then put the lower body consisting of the knees downwards on the deck of the pool to mimic a sit up position. After that, pull your upper body out of the water using your core muscles. Remember to use slow and controlled range of movements to ensure the workout is effective.

swimming pool workouts

Swimming Pool Workouts – Conclusion

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