Starting to build a new pool in your Inland Empire home? Involving the whole family in the planning process, checking out the available designs, and figuring out which feature goes in which part- this is all very exciting. You could even say it is the most exciting and fun part of the entire process, second only to swimming in the finished pool. However, amidst all the fun, do not forget the considerations for the pool shape options. Though there are plenty to choose from, you should go with the ones that suit your backyard and home in their size and style.

Geometric Shapes

5 Different Pool Shape Options to Choose 1

If you have very little space in your backyard, or the main intention behind the pool build is to get more exercise, geometric pools are perfect. Especially with the classic rectangular pool, you can swim more laps. Furthermore, you can install these pools in very narrow spaces too.

Another variation of this rectangular pool is a lazy L pool, which is exactly how it looks. You can consider this as an extension of the rectangular pool, where the shorter leg of the letter L can serve as a wading pool. Or, put a small jacuzzi over there and relax in the hot water after a night swim.

Freeform Pools

You might have understood from the name itself that these pools can take any shape needed. These are the most customizable pool shape options you have. This allows you to use the backyard space to its fullest.

Or, if the edges of your backyard are too uneven and you wish to have more cubic feet for the pool, a freeform geometric pool can match your style. This looks similar to a rectangular pool with sharp, clean lines, but the final shape may be a combination of various geometric shapes.

Rounded Pools

A kidney-shaped pool looks like a bean which is narrower on one side and is suitable if you have flat terrain. Likewise, a figure 8 shape pool looks rather symmetrical and this too allows for free-flowing of water. These two are perfect designs for small areas and for lounging. You can also have a spa shaped in these designs.

The most common pool shapes apart from rectangular are the circular or oval pools. They are elegant, simple and of classic designs. The oval shape is more elongated than the circular pool and is best suited for backyards that have more length than breadth. On the other hand, circular pools need more backyard space. And it is necessary that you complement the surrounding design appropriately.

Natural Pool Shapes

These pool shape options overlap the freeform pools. These can seamlessly merge within your existing landscape, without disturbing anything. The main difference is that here, you incorporate more natural elements.

For instance, if you install a waterfall, rather than going for an overpowering design, you opt for a natural look. Cave and grotto features that mimic the waterfall in the wild can transform your pool into a jungle retreat.

Classic Pool Shapes

classic pools

Roman and double Roman pools are slight variations of rectangular pools. On one or two opposite sides of the rectangular pool, you have bowed-out edges. These edges may be raised or shallow ends so that swimmers can lounge and relax. If you wish, you can install a hot tub on one end or go for a tiered pool with a waterfall.

Another formal and classic pool design is the Grecian pool that looks similar to the Roman pool. Instead of a slight curve or arch on the edges, you have beveled or concave corners. These shapes are great if the whole family needs to use the pool at a time.

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