Everyone wants a private space that is cool and inviting in summers. A pool serves that purpose and everyone wants to plunge in! That being said, incorporating certain swimming pool features can turn your conventional design into a unique, customized outdoor entertainment space. It can be a one of a kind experience for your family. Let’s get started.

pool on wooden deck


A raised pool deck

Kids love to jump into a pool. Having raised walls or a raised deck gives your kids the opportunity to execute the perfect cannonball or simply make a bigger splash as they enjoy competing with one another. You may go for a conventional look or personalize your private deck by adding color, shape and texture.

waterfall feature

Exciting fountains or waterfalls

Everyone loves the sound of a bubbling brook or a gushing waterfall. It adds a soothing touch that can make your backyard stand apart. It also cuts out ambient noises from the street and relaxes you. A rock feature or cave where you may rest could add a touch of mystery or you might want to add an island where you can rest or sip a drink.

streams of water

Streams of water

You can have little jets or bubbles of water gently falling to the surface over the pool steps or even create a plunge pool with a pad for small children. Jet streams illuminated with fiber optics come dusk can lend a special touch to your poolside party! The pool will soon become an area for quality time spent with your family, creating many memories.

Water Slides

Slides and diving boards

Really wow your children by installing some fun features like water slides! Rushing down a water slide can give you immense joy. Customize slides to fit your pool size and have them in different shapes. Also, nothing can replace the sheer joy of diving. Teens simply love diving boards as they jump into the inviting water and splash around for hours together. You may want to join them, forgetting yourself and becoming a child once more.

LED pool lights

Intriguing sound and lighting options

Underwater lights make your pool look stunning and make it safer to swim at night. Or you may decide t