Apart from being a relaxing place for a cool dip, Gulfport saltwater pool comes with many health benefits as well. It is a good alternative to traditional chlorine pools. A saltwater pool comes with many health benefits for you and your family. It produces lesser amount of chlorine and balances the chemicals that have harsh side effects on your body. Here are five health benefits to owning a saltwater swimming pool.

Cures the Skin

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed the sea water to be a cure for many diseases. Your saltwater pool is no less. Salt is a catalyst that detoxifies the skin and relaxes your entire body. So, when you swim through salt water, it sterilizes your skin.

While chlorine leaves the skin itchy and dry, saltwater pools make it feel smooth and soft. It can also soothe the skin suffering from disorders like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

5 Health Benefits to Owning a Salt Water Pool in Gulfport 1

Calms the Nervous System

The saltwater pools have detoxifying effects on the nervous, lymphatic, and immune systems in your body. Many studies have been conducted to prove these claims. In fact, a study says that swimming in saltwater offers the same benefits as a sodium-rich diet. It reduces depression to a great extent. Salt is also microbial in nature.

As a result, it blocks unwanted germs and parasites from entering your pool water. So, you can enjoy your dips without worrying about nasty summer cold.

Helps in Exercising

No matter how much you hate your gym regime, exercise is important for your overall health. With Gulfport saltwater pool, you needn’t worry to work out in a traditional gym. Rather, you can exercise and stretch your muscles in your own saltwater pool. Swimming makes your body work harder without excess pressure on the joints.

When you take dips in a saltwater pool, it helps to focus on your breathing and helps to burn many extra calories in the process. From plunging to squats, tucks, kicks, and walking, there are so many ways to do exercise in the salty water and soothing ambiance of your pool.

How to Lose Weight

Strengthens the Joints

When compared to traditional chlorine pools, a saltwater pool has much better effect on your joints. The saltwater contains bromide which is mineral that relieves soreness, pain, and aches in the muscles. It relieves the joints without exerting extra pressure when swimming. People recovering from an injury find it easy to swim in a saltwater pool. The bromide content of saltwater helps them to recover fast from their muscle and joint pains.

Calms down the Allergies

People with asthma or allergies find it better to swim in a saltwater pool. The traditional chlorine pools have a strong smell that comes from chloramines. The chloramines are the mixture of ammonia and chlorine that lingers around the pool surface.

Whenever you take a dip, this odor of chloramines irritates you. Children swimming in a chlorinated pool are often at risk of developing asthma or lung inflammation. You can avoid these problems by installing a saltwater pool.

These are the health benefits of owning a Gulfport saltwater pool. Make the most of your pool with proper maintenance to avail of these benefits.

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