Texas pools are famous for their trendy designs that suit the climate of the region. Especially with indoor pools, you have the luxury of year-round enjoyment. However, your indoor pool design doesn’t have to be boring. Take this chance to create new interior space for your entertainment.

For your Houston indoor pool build out, you can take inspiration from the following designs.

Sleek and Heavenly

swimming pool in house

Most modern pool designs are known for clean lines and practicality. For this reason, most indoor pools are L-shaped or in geometrical designs. They are designed to provide you with maximum space to get your exercise.

However, you can play around with the colors and lighting scheme of Texas pools to make them more open and exquisite looking. For instance, using black glass tiles for the area around the pool gives it a sleek and urbane look. Besides, you could use large pocket doors that allow in sunlight and fresh air when open.

Dramatic Look

Greek and Roman-style designs have always remained popular for indoor pools. An attached spa also creates a harmonious setting to the classic design of the pool.

Create a dramatic look by incorporating LED color-changing lights, rich gold inlays, or mosaic tiles here and there. One key point to remember is the use of glass tiles or doors to make the pool area look more spacious. Furthermore, you can achieve a contrasting look to the marble deck with Greek key mosaic tile or a dark tile mural. You could also let soothing music play to add to the dramatic effect.

Classic and Artistic

5 Inspiring Texas Pool Designs 1

An all-white pool oozes the classic charm and royalty. The main focus is on the elements and accessories for the indoor pool. If you feel that drenching the pool area in white is not your cup of tea, then you might consider using glass instead.

Or, you can surround the pool with thick dolomite limestone and make the design awe-inspiring. Adding a separate lounge area gives your guests a space to relax and enjoy in privacy. A wall with a series of windows and skylights lets in the sun and makes the area airier.

Old World Charm

Similar to the classic styles of Texas pools, you can design your indoor pool to replicate the yesteryears’ charm. These pools take you back to the romantic era and have hand-painted elements in the forefront.

Likewise, travertine coping and pool decking also feature heavily. This style draws inspiration from elegant mosaic designs and patterns. To top it off, install romantic outdoor mood lighting to enhance the indoor space.

Exotic Nature

As much as your indoor pool is excellent for all seasons, you might miss being in the outdoors. If that is the case, then the solution is a dreamy design for Texas pools that allows the outdoors in.

Paint a dreamy skyscape on your ceiling or adding natural looking pool features. In other words, bringing in natural elements like stones for your diving platform mimics the outdoors. Things like these allow you and your guests to have the best of both worlds.

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