Every new year we run into the guilt of needing to make new years resolutions, but what about our pool resolutions for the new year? What are we doing to make sure our pool has a better year than the last?

Your pool makes your Long Island home look amazing when it looks amazing. Maybe there are some things that could be done to keep it looking even better than it does now. In this article, we are going to talk about pool resolutions and what are some you should have.

pool resolutions

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Pool Resolutions You Must Have

#1 – Greener Pool

I hope you didn’t think I meant you wanted to have your pool water changed to green. I am talking about making your pool more environmentally friendly. Not only will you save money with many of the green strategies but you are going to make your family’s swimming experience more enjoyable.

LED lighting additions dramatically improve the presentation of your pool and give it a certain ambiance during the evenings and you will use 80% less energy. Another thing to consider is the variable speed pumps that help you save more money on your electric bill. If you install new cartridge pool filters, you aren’t going to have to worry about wasted water from backwashing anymore. Heat pumps and solar heaters are also your friends since they will warm the water and keep it comfortable during the cool months and there are zero emissions.

pool resolutions

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#2 – Cleaner Pool

If you don’t take care of your pool, it is going to start decaying and looking less than attractive when you go out to swim. You need to make sure one of your pool resolutions is to skim your pool regularly, to brush the sides and if you want to invest the money, get an automatic pool cleaner that will help you keep the pool clean without you having to do a lot of the work.

#3 – Drop Pounds in the Pool

A good one when you’re looking at pool resolutions is the ability to use your pool for exercise. Using your pool for exercise will allow you to keep the impact off your joints, but it will also allow you to burn the calories you’ve been wanting to burn in a fun way.

#4 – Bring on the Social

Make pool resolutions to be more social. Invite people over to see your pool so they will be able to enjoy their time with you and you will be able to enjoy your time with them.

pool resolutions

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#5 – Safety First

Whether you have kids, pets or adults around, you always want to add pool safety into your pool resolutions. You should keep a small fence or other enclosure around the pool so no one will wander into the pool and fall in or trip and fall in. There are accidents that happen but they don’t have to happen to you if you put safety measures in place.

Your Pool Done Right

Keeping the above in mind will allow you to have a great year in the pool so make sure to pay attention and put them into play right away.

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