When at home, a backyard is a blissful place where you spend a major part of your time. The ultimate spot for relaxation, many enjoy a quick dive in the spool pool or even host charming soirees. So, in case you haven’t bought a house with a backyard pool, then building a spool is the perfect way to enjoy a repertoire of joyous moments.

To make the place look absolutely stunning, you could incorporate additional features to please your guests and make a grand impression. The article lists down 5 spool features you can build to enhance your backyard oasis.

Pools with Waterfalls

A Soothing Waterfall

It is often observed that the sound of flowing water relaxes and composes one’s mind. So, along with its mental health benefits, building a waterfall will also give your backyard an elegant touch. You can set up a beautiful waterfall, complemented with artificial rocks and plants to create a tropical ambiance right in your garden. Decorating the waterfall with bright LED lights surrounding the small pool will immediately render a colorful visual effect.

Building Some Captivating Water Slides

A creative way to customize your pool is by building some whimsical water slides. Can you imagine a better way to pamper your kids than thrilling slides that gush right into the pool? Splashing and sliding down to the cooling waters gives you quite an adrenaline rush. Gear up for play-dates in your backyard, once this splendid feature is added. Using bright paints like red or yellow for these slides lends an eccentric vibe much like an amusement park right in your garden spool.

 Installing Dramatic Fire Features

A fire pit can be designed right in the center of the spool pool or established at a cozy corner of the backyard. This will draw in attention from your neighbors as well as your guests making your home an object of envy. Quietly enjoying your book by the fire pit or roasting some marshmallows near it could elevate the fun in your weekend activities. Thus, the fire pit not just compliments the ambiance, but can be very useful.

Pool and Spa Building

Invest in Building a Relaxing Spa

The idea of coming home to a grand water spa is absolutely intriguing. So, you can build a small pond in your pool, wherein hot water flows perpetually. It is precisely the therapy you need to unwind after a long hectic day at work. The steam emanating from the hot water amplifies the effect with a soothing and calm aura.

Use Colorful Spool Lights

One of the easiest and most appealing ways to decorate your pool is with bright LED lights. You could control the lighting effects in accordance with your mood or even with the theme of your party. These lights are fixed at the sides of the pool and lend the backyard a pleasant look.

There are many other ways to decorate your pool area. Be it impressive antiques you choose to surround the Spool pool or a beautiful lush green garden, you have innumerable options to give your backyard an extraordinary look!

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