5 Steps to the Perfect Inground Pool

lv_gal2_6Step 1: is Finding the Model
There’s generally three types of pools you can choose from. Vinyl, Concrete, and fiberglass. Vinyl- is a pre-made flexible liner that fits into the hole in the ground, they generally come in rectangular shapes. Concrete- Also known as gunite these pools can be made into any shape or size. If you really want a custom pool this is the type to choose. Fiberglass- uses a gel like finish on it and is more durable. Fiberglass takes less chemicals, and not as much algae compared to concrete.

Step 2: Comparing prices
There isn’t one price you can go off of when searching to buy a pool. There are so many different features you can get that makes the pool price increase, and ways to make it cheaper based off what someone else paid. Inground pools are typically around $30,000-$50,000, But it all really depends.

lv_gal2_11Step 3: Check with Zoning
Theres building permits you have to have before you can build a pool, you have to go through regulations before you installing a pool. You have regulations where you have to be a certain amount of feet away from the next house. You have to set the height of the pool above 4ft tall and the pool as to be fenced in.

Step 4: Site the pool
Placing the pool in a strategic place, so it can be perfect for you and your family. Placing it where there’s immediate sun, but also where wind it’s going to hit it all the time. Place the pool where it isn’t going to be flooded, like in a dip of a hill. Placement is everything, you would typically want it in a place you have a beautiful view. Also you want it in an area where later on in the process you could build a pool house.

Step 5: Watch the Budget
The price of the pool isn’t normally what’s so expensive, its the additional things that everyone wants that can make the price skyrocket. But without those extra things, the pool doesn’t look complete.