We all know celebrities are known to flaunt their wealth in different ways like luxurious homes and breathtaking swimming pools. Swimming pools are common in celebrity homes and many celebrities opt to show their riches by taking their pools to next levels. Let’s look at 6 stunning pools that happen to be celebrity owned.

1. Tropical Theme Pool – Anna Faris Mansion

Anna Faris was the proud owner of Hollywood Hills mansion which she shared with her husband. Located on the east of Nichols Canyon, this spacious abode has one of the best swimming pools you can ever find. The pool is bordered by stones and includes secluded patios for three bedrooms in the mansion. The surroundings of the pool remind you of a tropical water body lined with lush greenery and yellow bright deck chairs

pond liner

2. Biggest Pool – Kelly Clarkson Home

The home of the popular singer in the Tennessee countryside is nothing less than the epitome of grandeur. The 20,000 square feet estate also has king size swimming pool whose length spans entire backside of the house. The large pool and the area surrounding it is ideal fora large family to spend those hot days and also perfect for exercise and having fun. Also, the rectangular shaped pool offers you stunning views of the crystal blue lake adjoining the house.

3. Most Unique Pool Design – Shaquille O’Neal Home

If you are looking for unique pool design, find pictures of Shaq’s Florida home. The pool has a very unusual shape that you might not have seen earlier. Besides the unique shape, the Shaq’s Florida pool is 15 feet deep. After all, you need that depth for a person who is 2.16meters tall. The pool also has a rock waterfall feature that adds to the beauty of the unique pool design. One more thing worth mentioning is you can enjoy views of a picturesque while having a dip or fun in the pool.

4. Most Number of Pools – Charlie Sheen  Mansion

Most people including celebrities are content having one pool in their home. However, some celebrities live life excessively and Charlie Sheen is one of them. Charlie Sheen’s home in Beverly Hills is a bit different. It houses two stunning pools. One pool is specifically designed for laps while other is available for splashing around.
5 Stunning Pools that Happen to Also be Celebrity Owned 1

5. Resort Style Pool– Wilmer Valderrama Estate

Wilmer is known to have spent around $300,000 to design this resort style pool in Tarzana, CA estate. The pool has become a perfect site for legendary parties organized by the actor and singer. The visual appeal of the pool is enhanced by a lush garden that surrounds the pool. The pool features a waterfall, waterslide, a hidden grotto and spa, and beach entry.  

Orange County is famous as a weekend destination for many Hollywood celebrities and you will see many stunning pools like the ones discussed above. If you live in Orange County, a pool can be a great addition to get respite from the heat as temperatures can spike to 80°Fduring summers.

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