When the weather is bright and you have a large swimming pool in your backyard, these are perfect reasons to throw a party. The smartest way to do that is to take all celebrations outside the home. A pool party keeps everyone busy and entertained throughout the day. If you need some innovative ideas to make your party the best on the block, here are the tips to follow:

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Make a Theme for the Party

Although a pool party is a theme on its own, you can add an extra edge by figuring out a creative idea for its presentation. You can add beach accents or tropical elements to your pool area for creating a cohesive party theme. All you need are colorful décor items, tableware, and pool accessories.

Pull up all these elements together for a perfect party. When selecting the party elements and props, choose the things that can serve a practical purpose as well. For example, pool floats will match any theme and also provide entertainment to the guests.

Choose the Party Décor

If you have landscaping near your pool area, let it be the star of the evening. You can add more appeal to the space with colorful décor items like balloons, floating lights, and paper garlands. Balloons are not only inexpensive but also the most colorful décor item. You can make balloon garlands and hang them near the pool or let it float in the pool. Choose vibrant table covers and decorate the tables with bouquets of summer blooms for the party.

Prepare Appetizing Food

In a pool party, you can keep the food simple and unfussy. Think of cool and refreshing food platter for feeling hydrated throughout the day. You can prepare creamy dips and make little bites like mint salad and stuffed tomatoes for the grub. Different types of meat skewers are perfect for the starters. Since you ought to serve the food in the outdoors, make arrangements for covering the food items before serving them. Abide by the food safety standards, especially when the temperature is soaring.

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Set Up the Grill

A party by your large swimming pool isn’t complete without grilling. So, make your grill ready with a filled propane tank and an additional tank. Clean up the grill grates and grill utensils that you need for the evening. Once your grill is set, you can prepare appetizing cheeseburger, grilled veggies, chicken, hotdogs, and hamburgers.

Set Up a Drinks Bar

Besides the tasty food, you need a lot of drinks flowing through your pool party to keep everyone hydrated. Choose the standard beer, wine, and sodas. To perk up your drinks bar, mix some signature cocktail bases using strawberries, watermelon, and citrus. Also, you should have a plenty of water to avoid dehydration after swimming in the sun and drinking throughout the day.

Once all these arrangements are done, it’s time to splash around your large swimming pool. For kids, you can throw some fun pool floats in weird shapes or choose water toys like diving rings and hula hoops.