It comes as no surprise that homeowners in Tucson prefer spending recreational time in their backyards than in their living rooms. More and more people are choosing to spend a relaxing and refreshing time in the backyard, leaving behind the TV screens and the internet. Pools are an awesome way to take your backyard landscape into the next level. Pool owners are now adding trendy pool designs to their backyard pools to match their tastes and preferences.

trendy pool designs

Trendy Pool Designs You Can Add to Your backyard Pool Include:

Swim Up Bars

These trendy pool designs add the element of socialization while hosting parties. You can take your Tucson backyard pool experience to the next level by adding an outdoor kitchen on the pool sides. This trendy pool design comes in handy while hosting guests who might not want to get wet.

Dark Interior Pools

This trendy pool design made it to the top of the pool trends lists of 2018. For a second year running, these trendy pool designs are also predicted to chart the top of pool tends in 2019. The dark finishes give the pools a distinctive look that can transform the pool and the landscape to match a vibrant lagoon. In addition, you can match this trendy pool design by adding a couple of features such as rocks and waterfalls. This will engulf the landscape with a more natural look.

Using these trendy pool designs, you will have your backyard looking like an oasis.  Dark surfaces heat up easily and retain more heat, meaning you can install a heat pump to your pool efficiently. When your pool has minor debris settling, it will be harder to show when compared to light colored pools. You will have an easier time cleaning using this trendy pool design.

trendy pool designs

Oversized Spas

Do you feel like the space in your backyard is not sufficient for a pool? If so, then you should consider installing an oversized spa. This trendy pool design is perfect for small backyards, villas, and some townhouses. Just like swimming pools, you can turn oversized to match your ideas and personal preferences. In addition, these trendy pool designs will leave you with sufficient space to add other features to your backyard.

Smart Pools

If you’ve heard the term ‘smart’ then you know it is associated with integrating homes with the latest technology to make it easier to carry out simple functions. These trendy pool designs is no different however, it includes smart features integrated with the pool. One common feature pool owners have used is the smart feature that allows users to change the color of the LED lights in the pools. To cap it all off, this can be done with the use of a mobile phone.

Not only that, this trendy pool design has many uses. For instance, there are in-floor cleaning systems which filter debris and dirt from your pool automatically. This will ease your pool cleaning and maintenance. The initial cost of installation might be expensive however, in the long run; this feature will prove cost friendly.

trendy pool designs

Trendy Pool Designs – Conclusion

Investing in new and trendy looking backyard pool is definitely great for long term. Contact our expert team at Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson if you need help choosing trendy pool designs.

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