Any simple pool can transform into a majestic place with cool water features. You can achieve any look- whether you like a minimalist look for your pool or need something straight out of fantasy books. Not only will you enjoy being in your pool more, but these also will become the reason of envy for your visitors. Below are 5 of the most fabulous things you can add to your pool.

Waterfall Features


First on this list is a natural looking waterfall. There is something about the way water gushes and cascades over rocks and boulders that makes you want to keep looking. Based on the size of your pool, you can decide the height of your waterfall. For larger pools, you can go for rainforest waterfall to evoke the feel of enchanting wilderness. Or, for smaller pools, experiment with different shapes and styles, like arch or curtain waterfall. Rather than flowing over stones, these are thin spouts or thick streams of water falling directly into the pool.


Grottos are artificial caves installed in your pool. Similar to a waterfall, water flows into the pool over these caves. The distinguishing point of grottos is that you can swim through it, under the gushing water. This is one of the most interesting water features, particularly to children. For one thing, it provides a secret hiding place for kids to play in. If you have a freeform pool, this is the best feature to add in order to blend naturally.


Next up, we have water slides, which are a huge hit with kids and adults alike. This is one pool addition where every member of your family can enjoy their pool time. Everyone loves a slide, especially the one which leads to a pool. Diving or jumping into your pool is fun enough, but making a splash while sliding down feels even better. To put it another way, it gives you double the joy and fun and takes you to your childhood.


Pool bubblers come in many designs, especially in the shapes of animals like frogs. They generally sit on the edge of the pool or submerged in the water. They are pleasing to look at and use very little water when compared to waterfalls. You can also use them in your spa addition or tanning ledge, in shallow water, to form bubbles. This is a very relaxing feature to have in your pool, and with right sound effects, your pool becomes a meditation spot.

pool equipment

Deck Jets

Deck jets are thin streams of water fountains incorporated inside your pool. With strategic lighting and music, they bring you a soothing and peaceful poolside experience. However, you can also adjust some settings to control the flow and speed of the arcs of water. You can use the combination of 2 or more of the above water features for your pool to make it more vibrant. The key is to find the right elements that can complement your pool.

Choose the Right Pool Builder

In order to add custom pool features, you need to find the right pool builder. When you shortlist potential contractors, follow these steps:

  • Check their credentials.
  • Speak to their previous clients.
  • Ask to see their certificate of insurance.
  • Find out if they are members of any known pool builders’ association, such as the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.
  • Most of all, trust your instincts.
  • Each franchise is independently owned and operated
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