Waterfall features can enhance your pool’s visual appeal and make your Santa Clarita backyard more inviting. Kids look forward to splashing around in the pool water, and adults will acknowledge the added ambiance. These features are also spectacular, once considered to be a status symbol. This is because they are usually featured in swimming pools in the many luxurious hotels, resorts, and homes.

Waterfall Features

What you might not have learned is that adding these features into your pool design can be very simple and economical. A pool design expert at Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita will help you create some ideas to go with your pool design and also fit your budget.

Here are some different kinds of waterfall features for your Santa Clarita backyard pool:

1. Rock waterfalls:

They are available in either natural rock or man-made materials. The flow of water may either be set to rushing or gentle, based on the kind of ambiance you are looking for.

2. Stone stack cascade:

This waterfall effect is occurs by letting pool water to flow over stones that are artfully stacked. This will result in a calming setting and features a unique, natural look.

Waterfall Features

3. Water wall:

This kind of waterfall has rippling water that forms ripples as it falls over a wall surface. The water’s effect can be further improved by your choice of material that’s used for the wall. For instance, an uneven surface of rocky walls will result in fascinating movements, while the smooth marble walls result in an even and soft flow.

4. Spa waterfalls:

These are made by raised spas, which attach to the main swimming pool. Based on the height of the spa above the swimming pool and the flow of jets, this kind of waterfall is often very soothing to listen. This is because the pool water flows out from the spa and into the swimming pool.

5. Sheer decent waterfalls:

These kinds of waterfalls create a clear water arc away from the wall, turning your backyard oasis into a romantic paradise (or a fun play spot for the children). They begin wide at the top and create a relaxing effect as the waterfall gets thinner at the bottom.

Incorporating waterfall features to your Santa Clarita pool is a choice that you and your loved ones will definitely enjoy. Talk to our pool design professional today. They will help you make the stunning waterfall of your dreams.

Waterfall Features

Make Your Pool Special – Add Waterfall Features!

Probably your backyard pool gets everyday use with active kids swimming and splashing? Perhaps your oasis offers an effective way to unwind floating on a raft? To figure out which kind of waterfall features you need to install think about your pool structure, pool size, and pool use. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita to start installing a waterfall to your custom inground pool today!

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