The idea of owning a pool in Louisville is wonderful. But, you also need to ensure proper Louisville pool care to protect this investment. Without proper maintenance and care, your pool can succumb to different types of problems and issues. Broken filters, algae growth, green water, and faulty pump are just a few. Here are five essential tips to ensure easy pool care:

Atlanta Pool Chemistry

Check Pool Chemistry Every Week

In pool maintenance, chemical levels are important because improperly balanced water is unhealthy and unsightly. It irritates the skin and eyes while makes your pool a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. To avoid chemical imbalance, test the pool water at least once every week. Check the level of chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH levels of the water. It is essential because when pH level rises, it decreases the level of chlorine that leads to many pool problems. So, stick to the weekly pool water testing schedule.

Skim and Scrub the Pool Regularly

For a pristine pool, you should scrub the walls and surfaces while skimming the leaves and debris. You can buy a robotic pool cleaner to clear off the dust and debris from the bottom. In addition to skimming, it is important to scrub the walls and floors for prevention of algae build-up. You can follow a weekly schedule to check the algae growth and brush the siding for fresh looks. Also, clean the skimmer baskets weekly to make them more effective. If there are stubborn spots or stains, call the experts for in-depth cleaning and effective Louisville pool care.

Shock the Pool

When necessary, don’t refrain from shocking your pool. After a party, the pool water may look cloudy or murky. This is the time when you need to get rid of bacteria that causes murkiness in the pool water. Shocking is the process of increasing chlorine levels for a short period. It kills bacteria by diluting 3-5 times of the normal chlorine amount with water. Slowly, pour it into the return line of the pool and let it filter. Later, refill the pool slowly over time. Although shocking can cause damage to the siding, it is essential at least two times every season.

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Clean the Filter Regularly

If you want to keep your pool healthy, make it a habit to clean the filter at regular intervals. The filters work consistently to remove impurities from the water. When cleaning the pool, turn off the filter, remove filter cap, lift out the filter basket, and remove debris lying in it. Follow this process at least twice every week and also clean the pipes once a month to keep the filters clean.

Check the Water Level

Just like the chemical balance, you should also check the water level in your pool at regular intervals. The level of water may fluctuate after a rainstorm or a pool party. You should maintain a level that’s halfway up to the opening of your pool skimmer. If the level is too low, fill it up using a garden hose. When the pool water level is too high, you can use a submersible pump to drain the excess water. If you have a fiberglass or vinyl pool, consult the professionals because the weight of the pump can damage their liner.

Follow these tips for effective Louisville pool care and maintenance. Also, take the help of professionals when necessary.

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