Spring break weather in San Antonio, TX is beautiful, begging us to go outside and explore everything that the surrounding places have to offer. However, how tranquil is your vacation between the stress of jam-packed resort pools, a hotel that does not meet your expectations, travel plans and long lines at amusement parks or children getting car sick? When you own a pool, you can create your own pool-side spring break in your backyard space that suits all your needs and your loved ones.

Pool-side Spring Break

Here’s how you can have the best pool-side spring break:

Party central

While some might want to unwind during spring break, others might want an entertaining and fun pool-side spring break. A pool offers the best spot for a pool party. You can plan the best pool party and invite friends over. You can also consider hiring a DJ or caterer, or come up with a small more romantic get-together.

Romantic vacation spot

Are you so busy that you don’t have time with your significant other or spouse? A good way to ignite some romance and have fun is with a staycation or pool-side date night. You can plan an intimate dinner accompanied by a swim in the pool. You can also soak in a warm spa, or have a date night out and then relax in the swimming pool. Swimming pools have a way of making people come together.

Relaxing getaway

Life can often get hectic and stressful, so the only way to relax is taking a vacation. However, sometimes the planning, packing, and traveling make it very difficult to relax. With a pool-side spring break staycation, there’s no planning or travel.

Pool-side Spring Break

What you have is a relaxing and stunning retreat by your backyard oasis. Select lounge chairs, pillows, and soothing music, and create the time to just unwind. If you go for one of our stunning pool designs with a built in spa or splash pad, it offers plenty of relaxation opportunities.

Your own private amusement park

If you’ve got children, they are most likely fascinated with amusement parks. It’s very tiring and crowded in amusement parks, so why not have your own San Antonio backyard oasis? Add a diving board if your pool which is deep enough, or a water slide to your swimming pool. You can also get a lot of fun pool floats available for purchase. Consider even adding a basketball goal or volleyball net to your backyard oasis.

Your own private paradise

Do you want a tropical spot? With your pool, you can own your paradise. Decor such as tiki torches, palm trees, tropical plants, and colorful flowers can provide you with a pretty good feel of the Caribbean– particularly when your stunning Premier pool is the highlight. It is like a tropical getaway with no expense or airfare.

Pool-side Spring Break

Pool-side Spring Break – Conclusion

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