Although you want to build a pool, you might be unaware of the costs associated with owning a swimming pool. Typical pools cost thousands of dollars to maintain. However, there are numerous ways to make owning a pool affordable, and you do not have to compromise on quality.

This article will show you 5 ways you can use to save on installing and maintaining your swimming pool. Mostly it is just common sense, and with the tips, you should be well on your way to build a pool on your backyard oasis.

Below are easy ways to build a pool:

1. Go smaller

Most people believe that size is everything, and that the bigger it is, the better. The labor and materials needed to build a large swimming pool can increase the costs substantially. Your kids will spend more time in the pool than you, and it won’t matter to them whether it is big or small. All they want is a pool, and you can use the rest of the yard space for barbeques and parties.

2. Get several quotes

Price is not the only thing you should consider when choosing a pool company. However, you should get quotes from several contractors and do some research to find reviews and see if they are reliable. This will also allow you to choose a pool builder who can match your budget. You might get overwhelmed though since there are so many contractors out there. Take the time to go through the quotes to find what suits you and pocket friendly as well.

3. Off season pool installation

Instead of installing your pool in summer try fall or winter. During summer most pool contractors have busy schedules, and the package rates are often higher. Choosing to have a fall or winter pool installation will save you money, and you should have the swimming pool ready for use during summer. You can also spread out the installation costs which gives you enough time to save money for the next phase.

4. Do It Yourself

Go the Do-It-Yourself way. If you are handy with tools, you can purchase an inground pool kit and assemble the pool yourself. You could also buy the kit and hire a professional to install the pool. Either way, you will save money as the pool kits contain all the supplies needed for the pool assembly and installation.

5. Consider an “Inground-Like” Option

You can consider alternatives to inground pools that are more affordable. Semi inground pools are affordable and have the same advantages as full inground pools. Above ground, pools are even more affordable, and they come in a variety of styles. If you desire to have an inground pool look, both above ground and semi inground pools can be designed to achieve the same look with a wraparound deck and some landscaping.

These tips will help you lower your inground pool installation costs. Keep an open mind and research in more ways you can build a pool and save on your Santa Clarita pool this fall. Let your family enjoy the benefits of having a pool in their backyard this fall.

For more information on how you can build a pool, contact us today!

5 ways to save on a Santa Clarita Pool this Fall

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