An outdoor pool is a perfect spot for hosting barbecue parties or relaxing floats in hot summers. With the best pool design options available, you can transform it into a backyard oasis.

Whether you need an infinity pool or an in-ground pool, there are many designs to make a splash. So, dive in to find the best design that suits your needs.

1. Roman Swimming Pool

A Roman pool is the most amazing type of swimming pool comprising rectangular shapes. You can make it blend into your backyard landscape or let it stand out.

Roman pools have rounded corners and stylized edges. They have a refined appearance that serves as the perfect eye candy. You can finish your Roman pool with colorful glass tiles for a stunning outcome.

2. Infinity Pool6 Awesome Pool Design Options in North Georgia 1

You can choose an infinity pool for a dramatic effect in your backyard. It creates the illusion that water flows over the edges into neighboring vistas. An infinity pool works the best in homes that overlook magnificent sceneries. Even if your home overlooks the cityscapes, you can opt for an infinity pool.

3. Perimeter Overflow Pool

It looks similar to the infinity pool. But, perimeter overflow pools are designed to mimic flat deck surfaces and mirrors. In these pools, water overflows on all the sides. When viewed from a distance, it appears to be a flat surface.

Like other pool design options, infinity edges and perimeter overflows in these pools are also designed with fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl.

4. Freeform Pool

This is an eccentric pool design that does not follow the rules of geometry. Rather, you can visualize any shape or design that strikes your mind. This is the reason why it is ideal for most of the properties. A freeform pool is the best option for homes in rustic or natural settings.

It morphs into the environment and looks amazing like a tranquil oasis. You can also choose this pool design if you do not want to build a pool in an existing asymmetrical space.

5. Custom Pool Design Options

If you want a unique and exciting pool design, get custom features that complement your ideas. Using your creativity, you can build a unique pool design that merges with the landscape.

Also, you can add features like manmade rock, small pebbles, beach entry, acapulco shelf, mosaic accents, and lighting to add pizzazz to your swimming pool. Whatever pool design options you choose, they must seamlessly blend with the surroundings.

6. Geometric Swimming Pool 6 Awesome Pool Design Options in North Georgia 2

If you are home has modern architecture with sharp lines, a geometric pool is a perfect option. It is not a standard design but a unique shape that fits your property. Without any limitations, you can design a cascading waterfall or a raised spa in your geometric swimming pool. The shapes used for this type of pool can be rectangle, triangle, or squares.

A Swimming pool must be shaped to suit your property. It must be in harmony with space. Take consultation from an experienced pool builder in North Georgia to select the right design depending on your taste and preferences.


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