If you are thinking about providing your own maintenance for your at-home swimming pool, it is essential to understand what you are doing. It is no surprise that all through your ownership you will make certain pool mistakes when looking after your pool. Everybody does, and it is often not big enough to turn into a huge concern. Your two options are to: A) get a pool maintenance company to provide services or B) do it yourself because without pool care, serious issues could arise. Pools do not simply take care of themselves, we’re working on that though! Ask us about automatic pool cleaning tools!

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Below are some common Pool Care Mistakes:

1. Using algaecide incorrectly

Algaecide helps with preventing algae spores from causing a mess in your pool; however, it is essential to balance the usage of algaecide with the rest of caring for your pool. Algaecide can decrease chlorine levels in your pool upon use, meaning that you will normally have to use higher chlorine levels chlorine in your pool water when using an algaecide. You must also remember to carefully follow manufacturer’s directions, keeping the pool pump on to ensure that the algaecide is distributed equally.

2. Adding chemicals at the wrong time

There is a sequence to things in your pool. The level of PH is balanced, evaluation of calcium hardness, and maintenance of chlorine levels. But you need to ensure that you do not add chemicals to your pool at the wrong time. This wrong action will obstruct the effectiveness of carefully formulated pool chemicals. Putting lots of chemicals into the pool right before a special event, for instance, will simply lead to trouble, burning the skin and eyes of your guests.

pool care

3. Water levels

The consequences of pool overfilling are severe. In case you overfill the pool, your deck is soaked and backwash will pull dirt and trash back into the pool. Low levels of water, on the contrary, concentrate the chemical effects and result in problems for pool skimmers, issues that may damage the pump. Maintain the level of water in relation to skimmer level, rainfall, swimmer load, and the impact of evaporation swimmer.

4. Not Running Your Pump

Your pool pump keeps the water clean by moving it through the filtration system. While most families try to make savings on electricity by reducing usage of their pool pump, this may end up affecting the quality of the water and encouraging the growth of algae. Many pool services strongly recommend running your pool pump for 7 to 8 hours daily during high summer temperatures. If you have had an issue with algae and are trying to remove it, you may have to run your pool pump around the clock until your water clears.

pool care

5. Not monitoring pH

Along with following correct maintenance guidelines from all of your pool care manufacturers’ labels, it is essential to use special pH color strips to monitor the pH levels of your pool water. It requires only a few minutes and can alert you when your water is too basic or acidic, both of which can result in major pool damage in the long run.

6. Not brushing the pool

While there are specific components of pool care, which need serious attention and strict maintenance, professionals say that owners tend to ignore one of the easiest procedures: brushing hard to reach some parts of the swimming area itself. Running a cleaner along the bottom of the pool can eliminate dirt; however, many overlook scrubbing some spots that get overlooked.

Usually, owners must pay special focus on spots around the steps into the pool or behind the ladders. In addition, where the water line reaches around the pool’s edge of the can accumulates some grime, so you must be aware of that area also.

Do you want to find out more about pool care? Call us for personalized tips and pool maintenance services done by our experts.

Pool Care Questions? We can help!

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