DIY pool hacks are taking over the internet. Premier Pools & Spas of Cleveland is going to introduce 5 pool hacks that you can use on your own swimming pool! These DIY pool hacks are designed to help you keep up with your swimming pool maintenance and give you ways that you can enjoy your swimming pool even more this summer.

5 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Cleveland Pool Clean 1

Reuse Something Old

Fun Fact: a pair of old tights that haven’t been used in a few years acts as a great catch for debris in your swimming pool.

Tights are great for filtering out small debris that land in your swimming pool. These types of debris can easily clog up your pump basket. You can easily wrap the tights around the top of your pools skimmer basket and then just place back in its originated spot. Over time it will catch all the debris you may have missed when skimming your swimming pool. Change tights monthly.

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The Tennis Ball Trick

This trick isn’t about introducing your dog to the swimming pool even though that would be creative for a DIY pool hacks: Dog edition. This pool hack is about placing tennis balls into your pool because the outside of the tennis ball can catch the oil that is floating around the surface of your Cleveland swimming pool. Any type of oil that is floating around like sunscreen or make up.

Baking Soda Cleans Grout Lines

Originally used on in-home counters or tiles, a mixture of baking soda and water forms a paste that will clean the grout lining your swimming pool too. This paste can easily be applied to any grout line with a toothbrush, then all you have to do is wait a few minutes before scrubbing it away with a sponge and viola! You have a clean grout line.

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Snow Be Gone!

In the midst of winter when debris is covering your swimming pool cover and then it starts to snow. The weight of all the debris on your swimming pool cover is not convenient. Make sure to always have your pool cover clean and that there is nothing on it for a lengthy amount of time. One quick trick to clear all of the debris and snow off your pool cover is by using a leaf blower. This is going to help you remove all the debris off your pool cover rather quickly.

Rival Nests

This trick may be a way to deter wasps from coming around your swimming pool for a summer or two. The trick is that you are mimicking another wasps nest. By crumpling up a brown paper bag and hanging it into a tree near your swimming pool it appears (to the wasps) that a rival nest is close by and they have to find a different spot to build their nest. Wasps are very territorial, so be careful when dealing with these little critters.

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