With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, how do you plan to celebrate? Whether you happen to be Irish or not, this is a good time to let loose and put your party hat on. So start prepping for this spring holiday that’s all about Leprechauns with an elegant soiree! If a pool party is on your mind, then you are at the right post. This write-up shall furnish you with spectacular decoration ideas for your grand St. Patrick’s Day party.

1. Make Handmade Leprechauns

If you love crafts and nothing delights you more than making DIY projects, then this is for you. A handmade Leprechaun with an adjustable mouth can be made with some colorful paper and simple skills. Voila! Your first fancy decorative item is ready. You can stick it to a doorframe or hang it from the wall because Leprechauns are a convention you can’t ignore.

2. Rainbows and a Pot of Gold

6 Ideas to Decorate your Pool for a St. Patrick’s Day Pool Party 1

To adorn the pool area, rainbow circles and a pot of gold can be made out of paper and hung around your patio. It’ll add color to the ambiance making it look bright and vibrant. You can showcase these in parts of your house too, especially in the living room.

3. Gold and Green Mason Jars

It would be wise to top the tables with some décor that has an influence of St. Patrick’s Day. The dinner tables can be decorated with golden mason jars with green leaves. Throw in some flowers to make the look complete. This makes the outdoor dining area stunning.

4. Go Green With a Wreath

6 Ideas to Decorate your Pool for a St. Patrick’s Day Pool Party 2

 A festive wreath is perfect to welcome guests. But make sure that the wreath has green and gold leaves for St. Patrick’s Day. It can be hung on the door or inside the house. To add a little bling to the occasion, green fairy lights can be wrapped around the tables or hung around the pool.

5. Shamrock Balloons

Shamrock balloons are a simple yet ingenious idea that almost anyone can execute with green balloons and some tape. Four green balloons are to be tied together in the shape of four hearts and must be taped to the trees on your lawn. This idea is budget friendly and adds an Irish vibe instantly.

6. St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth

Create a photo booth in your backyard near the pool. You can use the perfect gold backdrop with some easy DIY props that match the Irish theme. Think along the lines of leprechaun and gold coins. Some placards could also be made with witty punch lines. These ensure your pool party is a huge hit!

So grab some paper and tape to get started on these creative ideas that’ll make your party a success. However, do remember to reach out to contractors to install safety fences around your pool before you host your pool soiree. It ensures that your guests can have a safe yet merry time in your backyard party on St. Patrick’s Day.