St. Patrick’s Day is a roaring occasion to party. When you have a pool, why not enjoy the celebrations with an exhilarating St. Patrick’s Day pool party. It starts with some planning and lots of fun. Here are some ideas that you can follow to plan your own poolside party for the day.

Save the Date

Every year, St. Patrick’s Day comes on March 17. You can either plan a party on the same day or a nearby date. The selection of date depends on the convenience of your guests and the type of party you want to throw.

For example, if you want to have a wild party with kegs of beer flowing, prefer the weekend. If an Irish dinner is on your mind, save the date for a Wednesday.

SW Louisiana PoolsPlan the Décor

The decoration of your pool area is the first thing noticed by your guests. Keep it themed around St. Patrick’s Day. Since green is the obvious choice of color, make your friends go green with envy when you set up a creative table for the occasion.

Choose vivid shades of green in metallic curtains, balloons, paper fans, paper lanterns, and floating hats to create the right ambiance.

Set Up the Lighting

Lighting plays an important role to set the right mood in a party. When planning a St. Patrick’s Day pool party, you can play with lights to illuminate your backyard and pool. Choose LED lightings for the swimming pool. Green LED lights will create the right effect in the pool. It goes with the theme of the party.

For landscaping, you can choose tiki torches, green paper lanterns, or string lights. Don’t forget to illuminate every part of your backyard and landscaping to make it safer and easily accessible.

Cook up the FoodAtlanta Pool party

Since the party is to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day, you should choose a traditional feast for the occasion. You can keep cabbage and corned beef for the dinnertime. Breakfast treats can be colorful and sweet in the form of fruits, bagels, and donuts.

Warm muffins on the gold platters and rainbow pancakes must make to your cooking list. Your rainbow cakes can be turned into Irish delights by replacing other colors with green. Make some mussels or cook salmon and potato cakes to delight your guests.

Brew the Drinks

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day pool party, don’t lag behind in following Irish passion for drinks. The country is already known to quench global thirst from its breweries. So, when you plan an Irish celebration, brew some easy Guinness cocktails to raise the toast. The Irish whiskey with its smooth finish is also a must-have for the party.

Deck up Your Pool


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When it’s a pool party, let your pool take the center stage. Throw in some green floating hats in the pool. Also, you can choose green pool noodles or party floats for the kids to enjoy the celebrations.

These are some amazing ideas to plan and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day party in Oklahoma City.