The most important thing to remember for your new pool installation or upgrade is to get custom luxury pool features. Your pool area will become magical by adding amazing features that are both attractive and functional. So why don’t you jump right into this article to check out the 6 best pool features to add to your backyard?

Waterfall Features

1. Custom Water Features

Waterfalls and fountains are the most common pool additions in many St. Louis homes. There are many custom features like deck jets, bubblers, and grotto features which can look natural and graceful. Consider getting water features that children can enjoy, not just those that look appealing.

  • Adding a water slide that they have seen at their favorite water park, allows them to enjoy the pool more.
  • A diving board is also a convenient and playful way to start your swim time. It has many adult takers too, who just love their dives.
  • Instead of fountains in normal designs, add them in forms that they like. Ornate shapes such as mermaids and frogs are a huge hit with kids.
  • Smaller kids who cannot even enjoy the wading pool can enjoy the splash pads and cool off in the summer.

2. Fire Lines and Gas Fire Pits

Add luxury pool features like fire lines and fire walls. These not only add oomph to the place, but they catch the sight of the visitors as soon as they arrive. These add visual drama in the dark and keep you warm.

For a more cozy gathering after the sun sets, instead of traditional options, have a gas fire pit. A gas fire pit is one of the most functional pool features. In addition to having an outdoor kitchen, your custom-built fire pit allows you to grill without leaving the company of your gang.

3. Pool Houses and Garden Rooms

Having an outdoor pool might not allow you to stay outdoors all the time. Hence, you need to have some place where you get some shade and privacy. Therefore, look into garden rooms or pool houses, which are making a comeback.

These not only help you get away from the freezing cold weather, but you can also use it as a storage space. When you have unexpected visitors, you can use this space to let them stay overnight, if needed.

4. Benches and Tanning Ledges

Whether you have a small backyard or a big pool, deck features can transform the whole space. Pay attention to the pool entrance, deck, and the steps. If possible, consider expanding the deck area and put up some great furniture.

You can copy the look of a beach-style setting with umbrellas, awnings or canopies. Buy cool benches that are simple and minimalist in design. You can also invest in a tanning ledge area, which is shallow, similar to wading pools. It helps you relax as you soak your tired feet after a long day at work.

Santa Clarita Pool Lighting

5. Lighting Features

Many people install pool lights under the water and near the pool, but completely forget lighting up the surroundings. It is important for the safety of your family when you walk during the nights. Aesthetically too, pool lights are crucial to beautify the area.

You can experiment with fun color-changing LED lights or mood lighting. Find out about the light installations that work with the touch of a button. Using your smart devices, change the settings and brightness of the lights according to the company you have.

6. Landscaping Features

When you say landscaping, you might think of plants and trees. But that is not all, you also can use ornamental pieces to enhance the beauty of your pool. For example, adding a bridge over the pool is not only attractive, but it also allows you to reach the other side.

One of the things you can add for easy maintenance and cleaning is artificial grass. Or, get some native plants that can withstand the local climate. Design your landscape so that it is in sync with your pool area and the style of your home. You can choose a theme for your backyard landscaping and add luxury pool features that complement it.

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