If you have always dreamt of building a swimming pool in your courtyard here is how you can realize your vision. There are many Dallas pool designs to consider from a basic traditional design to various design features that can make your backyard a one of a kind place for relaxation!

What Sort of Pool Would You Prefer?

The kind of pool you want to install depends on what use you have in mind for the pool. Is it going to be a place for workouts, swimming laps or a place for fun-filled relaxation with your kids? If you entertain your friends often, then you may want a leisurely pool design!

Sports Pools

Sports pools are not merely named because of their use but also because of their design and measurements. A pool does not qualify as a sports pool only because one uses it for training or competition. It is so, because of its shape, size and nature of design. Sports pools are designed with specific measurements for the base of the pool and a gradient in depth.

However, they are also suitable for playing games such as volleyball or water basketball along with training and competitive swimming.

Dallas pool designs

Splash Pools for your Little Ones

These are shallow areas attached to the main pool which is deeper, whereas, independent pools are separated from it. They may come in varying depths but are usually shallow and are a great place for kids to splash about in Dallas summers! Some may have the sufficient depth to enjoy a swim or a game such as volleyball. When entertaining your kids and their friends is a priority some homeowners prefer a splash pool!

infinity pool Dallas pool designs

Infinity Pools for the Never-Ending View

This pool dream is a possibility where the view is magnificent and you can literally gaze into infinity. With a variety of names like the vanishing edge or the flooded edge the pool blends seamlessly into the scenic view of a lake or ocean. It could also overlook a hill or valley. The illusion is created with water flowing over the edge into a trough hidden beneath the pit and then recycled back into the pool. The pool merges with the skyline beyond making for an infinite view as far as you can see.

Spa for Relaxation

It could be useful to have a spa attached to your pool where you can loosen up after a strenuous workout or a hard day’s work. The spa can be placed along the pool or on an island equipped for an aqua massage. Perhaps you’d enjoy a hot tub or Jacuzzi wherein you can lounge and let the water relax and rejuvenate you!

Dallas pool designs

Leisure Pools

Backyard pools can be also described as leisure pools where one can relax and get a bit of exercise or spend time with your family and friends. There is no limit to the Dallas pool designs for leisure. They come in myriad shapes and sizes and may vary in depth.

The idea is swimming and other activities for pure pleasure and not for competition!