Owning a New Orleans pool and patio is the perfect reason to party. In a pool party, your guests will not only make a splash, but also enjoy with their whole family. When you add some interesting games to the mix, it’s a recipe for the never-ending fun. So, what are you waiting for? Mix up the cocktails, light up your backyard, and get ready for the fun. Here are some exhilarating pool party games to rev up your evening:

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Marco Polo

Three or more people can enjoy the game of Marco Polo. In this game, one player starts off as a designated caller. The caller has to close their eyes and try to tag other players. Whoever gets tagged becomes the next caller. The caller tries to locate other swimmers by calling out ‘Marco’ and others respond by saying ‘Polo’.

If any player gets out of the pool and the caller can say ‘fish out of the water’, then the person that is out of the pool becomes the next caller. It’s a fun game loved by all. You don’t need a prop and it’s simple to go.

Pool Noodle Race

Swimmers, young or adult, love this game. A noodle race lets you complete competitive laps around the pool. Even young kids can enjoy this game. It will keep the kids engaged with their feet kicking. All you need are players to play the game and pool noodles that can be purchased at your local store.

Balloon Toss

In your New Orleans pool and patio, let the kids have the most sparkling time with the balloon toss game. All you need is an unending supply of balloons and two towels to play this game.

First, you’ll want to divide teams into pairs. The teams will use a towel to launch the balloons. Every player will tightly hold the end of the towel. When a balloon is placed in the middle of the towel, the players will launch it. Here, the team catching the maximum number of balloon wins.

6 Pool Party Games for Fun with Family 1

Pass the Water

It is the most hilarious pool party game ever. Get as many water cups as you can to play this fun game. It starts from the deck and ends into the pool water. The players need to pass a cup of water over their heads to the next person behind them. You can also play pass the water game in the swimming pool. It gets a little harder but is quite fun.

Cannonball Pool Jump

To play this amazing game, make all the players line up on the edge of the pool. It helps them in doing the best cannonball. The points are given for the size of the splash made by each player. For fair play, assign two judges to keep an eye on each cannonball jump. The final points added by the judges determine the winner of this game.

Coin Dive

The classic game of coin dive can be played as a solo game or in teams. It also helps to build underwater skills of the children. Use coins or any other object that sinks easily in the water. After throwing some coins in the pool, the players have to collect them as fast as they can.

So, next time, when you plan a pool party in your New Orleans pool and patio, try out these games to enjoy the best time with your family and friends.

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