Spring is the time for celebration. Your swimming pool can serve as the ideal venue to hold an entertaining spring pool party. Whether you want an intimate affair or a huge party, the beautiful environs of the pool area will play the perfect host. A spring party is not only about swimming but also exciting games that everyone can enjoy. Here are some pool party games for springtime fun:

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Float Race

For a great evening, this is the best spring pool party game. It involves inflatable floats that are big enough to sit on. Let all the players line up on two opposite sides of the pool. As soon as someone says go, the first set of floaters will race to the other end. They will tag the members from the other team and race back to their side. If anyone falls off while racing, they have to start it over. When played with cute and colorful floats, this game can really rev up the mood at your party.

Ping Pong Scramble

In this game, the players have to make a large circle in the pool. Then, they scramble to collect as many ping pong balls as they can to place in their containers. You should dump a lot of balls in the pool to make this game enjoyable. Whoever collects the highest number of balls is the winner. You can also ask the players to collect different colors of balls and place them in a basket on the pool edge.

6 Spring Pool Party Fun Games 1

Water Balloon Toss

When played in the pool, water balloon toss is an exciting game that you shouldn’t miss. Make teams and play this game. Each of the team has to toss the water balloons back and forth in the pool. It can start with the players who are close to each other. If the balloon pops, the team loses its points.

Chicken Fight

A game that involves pushing, swatting, and pulling never fails to entertain the kids. So, you must try the chicken fight for your spring pool party. In this game, you need teams of two players where one player stands in the pool and another one rides piggyback on their shoulders. The teams square off and get into a battle to knock the players off the shoulders. The winner is the last chicken who manages to stay standing until the end.

Greased Watermelon

Watermelon is definitely the flavor of the season. Apart from relishing its taste, you can use it for a fun game as well. Grab a watermelon and grease it with petroleum jelly. Now, toss it off in the pool water. Make two teams where players have to grab the watermelon and pass it to others unless they reach the opposite side of the pool. The team that secures maximum points wins the game.

 Water Freeze Tag

In this game, one player is the ‘it’. This player tags others who freeze where they are standing. To unfreeze them, the other players must swim under their legs. If all players get tagged, the ‘it’ player chooses a new person for this role.

These are some exciting and enjoyable spring pool party games for kids and adults alike. Prepare your pool and try them out for a lot of fun.