If you own a swimming pool, you can create a luxury backyard resort by lighting this area up in the best possible manner. With landscape lighting, you can highlight the design elements in your backyard and create a soothing ambiance. There are plenty of choices available for Desert Springs pools and backyards for illuminating them. Keep reading to learn some of the best tips and tricks on lighting up Desert Springs pools.

pool lighting

Install Pool Deck Lighting

If you have a pool deck, chances are that a lot of activity takes place on it. You need to light this space to prevent any accidental tripping or bumping. Also, proper lighting adds a dramatic appeal to your pool deck. Depending on the type of deck material, you can install the right type of lights to illuminate the area. For example, if you have a concrete deck, you need expert help to drill the cores in the concrete for installation of light fixtures.

Install Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are probably the cheapest way to illuminate your outdoor space. They do not require electricity and are eco-friendly. When you want to create a natural atmosphere in your backyard, tiki torches are an affordable option for you. Consider installing professional grade torches made from high-quality metals like copper or brass. They are hard-wired and use a wick for authentic torch flame.

Install Moon Lighting

If you have large trees in your backyard, you can create a moonlighting effect using high-quality LED lights. They mimic the natural moonlight and create intriguing shadows from the tree branches and leaves. If you don’t have trees in your backyard, no need to worry. You can add high mounting lights on the gable or soffit of your home.

Light Up the Trees and Plants

In landscape lighting, it is important to highlight the trees and plants with proper illumination. You can use small LED string lights and wrap them around tree trunks to create a wonderful appearance. For a utopian appeal, wrap the lights right from the bottom up. If you have mature trees like a majestic maple in your backyard, you need 2-3 fixtures to light them up. Choose the lights with both narrow beam spread and wide beam spread to accentuate the branches and leaves of the tree.

high quality pool features

Light Up the Water Features

If you have stunning water features in Desert Springs pools, you must know they are a focal point of your backyard. You can illuminate the features like waterfalls, water fountains, pool sconces, and pool jets to highlight them. Add the lights to the waterfall from underneath so it dances off and creates a beautiful impact.

Light Up the Structures

If you have some structures near your pool, light them properly to highlight the entire area. For example, if you have a pergola in your pool area, illuminate them with subtle recessed lighting for a soothing impact. With this type of lighting, you can hide the wiring and fixtures. It not only looks good but also prepares the area for hosting BBQ and dinner parties by the pool. For festive events, you can add bistro lighting with string lights on the structure.

With these simple ways, you can light up Desert Springs pools and backyards for an amazing resort-like environment.

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