Summer shall soon come to Marin. So it’s time to head to the pool to cool off and have some fun with friends and family. Get your bathing suits out of the closet and jump into the blue waters. Wondering how to spend your time in the pool? Here are some ideas for all the water games you can play while keeping your family safe with Marin pool covers.

1. Pool Volleyball

All you need is a net and a volleyball to start the game. Divide the pool with the net and sort the players into two groups. Get ready to have some fun as you dive for the ball and cheering for your teammates as they score a goal. Pool volleyball is exciting as you needn’t chase the ball, but you can swim to it or jump up to catch it.

2. A Musical Ball Toss 7 Fun Pool Games for Families 1

This is the pool version of passing the parcel. As Drake sings “Controlla” in the background, you need to hand the ball to the person standing next to you. Once the music stops, whoever has the ball in their hand at that moment is out of the game. So don’t forget to be quick while passing the ball!

3. Swim Races

If you believe you swim like a fish; it’s time to test your skills in pool races. The first person who swims to the finish, wins! So gather your best mates or colleagues who adore a swim and have your race. You can let the winner cook dinner for some healthy competition.

4. Underwater Techniques pool games

While your friends may swim the fastest, do they really show the best technique? Challenge them to underwater swimming and you’ll soon find out.

5. Play Fetch in the Water with your Pet

A game of fetch is something your canine or your neighbour’s pet will enjoy immensely. Just throw a ball into the water and let the dog bring the ball back to have a merry time in the summers.

6. An Underwater Treasure Hunt

Toss water resistant items into the water- be it a keychain, sunglasses or a watch. Next, dive in to try and find it underwater along with your friends and siblings. Get ready to search the bottom of the pool, for the tiny object can be difficult to locate in a big pool. Plan a reward to add to the fun!

7. Fruit Relay Races

All you need to execute these are a few large fruits. Be it watermelons or grapefruits, all you need to do is hold the watermelon in your hand and swim across the pool only to return with the watermelon. This becomes tricky as you struggle to swim with one free hand and your legs. However, it is a great sport and challenge to take together with your friends. It can be hilarious to feel the watermelon slip away as you swim.

However, whether you’re diving into the pool or rushing around the water’s edge, make sure you install the right fencing and Marin pool covers to ascertain the safety of your kids as well as guests when they spend time in your backyard!