Whether you’ve already got a Redding backyard pool or not, there’s a possibility that the space behind your house is being extremely underutilized. While it’s a good first step having a swimming pool built, constructing a true swimming pool around that focal point is something that can transform the area totally. Here at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding, we will be glad to help with the pool. However, if you’re looking to take your outdoor space to the next level, think about working with our landscapers and designers. They will help incorporate some of these backyard oasis tips as a way of sprucing up your backyard spaces around that Redding pool and deck.

Backyard Oasis Tips

Here are 8 backyard oasis tips to consider.

1. Tanning ledge:

Not only is this feature great for lounging in shallow, cool pool water while working on your tan, but it also looks stunning as well. Premier Pools & Spas tanning ledges have spillovers, which offer a waterfall effect and the tranquil sound of water.

2. Privacy:

The first thing a landscape designer can tell you when upgrading your outside space is that a bit of privacy will go a long way. It’s easier to relax in living spaces and backyard swimming pools when there’s no need to fear nosy neighbors looking on.

3. Water features:

Premier Pools & Spas of Redding now offers water features designed to add unique style to your swimming pool area. Whether you see this feature as a source of relaxing water sounds or as a point of interest, you can add it into any existing swimming pool! Waterfall, serenity, and cascade, can be customized with a number of spillways and any cladding or tiling to complement your outdoor space.

4. Lighting:

A good way to get creative in the pool area is by using lighting. Whether you add a colorful scheme or choose white lighting, pool lighting can provide stunning scenery for your backyard oasis whether you’re having a poolside party or a night swim.

Backyard Oasis Tips

5. Outdoor kitchen:

More elaborate cooking needs might be provided by designing and building an outdoor kitchen custom-built to your space. Based on the intricacy of the kitchen, these can contain an oven, a stovetop, and even a grill, which combine to create meals in good weather right alongside your backyard oasis.

6. Decking and tiling:

Replacing the decking and tiling around your Redding pool can greatly change your area’s look. Changing from rock to wood, for instance, is a huge change, but will also give huge results. While this choice might take a little more effort and time than others, it’s still a rather fast way to change your pool area’s look.

7. Fire pit:

You can incorporate a fire pit to help you enjoy your backyard space, which can offer both warmth and appeal. It can also help keep insects away and offer the ideal space for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.

8. Build shade:

Is your Redding backyard oasis the only relief you have from the hot temperatures and sun during the warm months? It can be quite easy to create shade in your outdoor space. You can add a stunning covered patio to your pool area, or plant some tall trees or plants to create natural shade. Or purchase some umbrellas to go with your décor.

Backyard Oasis Tips

Backyard Oasis Tips – Conclusion

We hope these backyard oasis tips can help you determine the best backyard updates for your Redding home. To find out more, contact our professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding today!

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