Those of you considering having your private pool while dealing with space constraints can opt for a smaller version, also known as a spool. Small pools not just occupy less space but are also economical when it comes to their long-term maintenance and heating costs.

A small pool can redefine the area surrounding your home with their added appeal. Here are eight practical ideas to get you started:

Letter-Shaped Pool

This shallow pool boasts of an ultraviolet sanitation system. Its glass tiled water wall doubles up as a bathing area. The added feature of built-in seating gives you the option of getting soaked or drying up under the sun’s rays. To create this design, begin by raising an in-ground concrete pool approximately 18 inches above your deck level.

Reflecting Pool

These exude a serene charm and with their mirror effect, highlight the beauty of your home and surroundings. Falling under the bracket of small pools, they provide a doable alternative when significant backyard space is a challenge. By transforming your space into a secluded retreat, reflecting pools with their architectural brilliance provide the most peaceful getaway. An elongated pool with marble on the periphery works well.

Plunge Pool

building spools

Work out a size that best fits your outdoor space and lifestyle requirements. Small shallow pools with a flat bottom are easier to heat and most relaxing. It stands out when built on a separate patio and when heated to high temperatures works as a spa. Entry steps, underwater seating, water walls, and lighting help create the ideal oasis to unwind fully. To make a statement, you may even choose to use bold colors.

Rustic Retreat

Use of local stone and the addition of a fireplace to stay warm after a quick dip has lovely, homely, and welcoming feel. Small pools located near streams, lakes, and paved trails, tend to feel one with nature.

Garden Pools

While building a pool in your garden, keep the design simple, in harmony with your courtyard space. The addition of plants and furniture creates a cozy unit yet, avoid too much clutter.

Circular Pools

Round pools provide a welcome departure from traditional shapes. Particularly fascinating for your outdoor space, these create a feeling of a desert oasis. You can have two circles of diverse proportions intersecting at different levels. A figure of eight design works well.

Pools Designed for Terraces

Added precautions like use of non-skid material on the surface surrounding the terrace pool prevent falls. The depth of the pool is also an essential consideration in such cases. Ensure you adhere to stipulated height regulations and make sure your terrace is securely fenced.

Infinity Pools

8 Small Pool Ideas That Will Redefine Your Outdoor Space 1

When you have a stunning view, design your pool such that it gives the effect of a vanishing edge. An infinity pool tricks your eye into believing the waters merge with the horizon. One section of the pool’s edge is built lower, for the desired effect.

Besides serving as a decorative element, small pools give you your daily exercise dose.

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