You want to prepare your backyard pool for a party, but you just realize that you do not like how it looks. You have this dream pool imagined, but in actuality, it is nothing like it. So, how do you make your friends wow with an amazing backyard landscaping that looks like it came out of a magazine? First, know which elements to have in your backyard to turn your pool into a perfect retreat.

simple swimming pool designs

Tile Options

Most pools have tiles that are in blue or white. While this is good for practical reasons but when you are thinking of aesthetics, these lack flair. Try choosing something with abstract art or peculiar pattern on them. These pool tile designs have to visible clearly even from above and spark interest in the visitors.

Water Features

Putting a pool and directly using it without any additional pizzaz is not cool. Without all the landscaping, your pool is nothing more than a ditch you dug and poured in some water. Fountains and waterfalls are the two most common features people love to have and to view, because of the astounding water on water action. If you can’t have these close by the pool, consider a koi pond attraction.

Evening Lights

Your pool is great to use in the daylight, but during the night, if you have got no sufficient lighting, the area will be unsafe. In addition, the main focus of light should be to elevate the mood of the atmosphere. Pick out some colorful LED pool lights in quirky designs to glorify the beauty of your pool. To make the pool pop in the dark, use underwater lights.

Ensure Privacy

Your pool is your own to use and if you want, you could share the view. But for peeping neighbors or unwanted visitors, it should be off-limits. Hence, install good fencing around the pool or use tall trees to create beautiful hedges. When your pool is out of the prying eyes, you can relax more and enjoy your pool time undisturbed. Also, your family will have a cozy feeling with a pool that blends into your backyard landscaping.

Floral Burst

If putting plants in the ground is not your thing, or you need them to be portable, choose potted plants. Go with native plants and those that give colorful blossoms on each side of the entrance path to your pool. Another thing you can do is hang them up with strings which complement that blue water below. But take care they are understated and do not shed leaves directly into the pool.

Blending Landscaping

Your backyard landscaping should be such that it synchronizes with the surroundings and doesn’t call too much attention to itself. Otherwise, it will overpower your pool. There are plenty of natural pool designs available that can look like a pond in the wild. Put some gravel and rock into the design, where your freeform pool meets the surroundings. Other ideas to try are to make it look like a river running across the countryside.

How to Achieve the Perfect Landscaped Backyard with a Pool? 1

Pebbles & Cobblestone

If you prefer not to have a green lawn, you can use artificial grass or spread pebbles in the entire area. Place these shiny stones around the potted plants and see their beauty increase. These are great to use near a fountain or a fire-pit too.

Rather than using common designs for the walkways, use cobblestone pathway to the pool to create the illusion of ancient times. You can also make this as the main theme and build the landscape around it. Or, have it as a separate element that surprises your visitors with its appeal.

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