One of the amazing innovations in pool designs is vanishing edge pools. These pools trick the eye of having a swimming pool, which extends to the horizon while offering an appealing point of interest and design to your Salt Lake City landscape. With this kind of innovative and stunning design, vanishing edge pools are a masterpiece that only experienced pool designers at Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City can do.

Vanishing Edge Pools

Constructing vanishing edge pools

Building this type of pool takes an extensive architectural, mechanical, and structural detailing. An in-depth construction involves making sure the retaining walls of the pool elevate to the established water level and not above it. This needs professional architectural detailing. Building a pool needs calculated blueprints. This is to make sure that the built swimming pool stays totally flat and still with a steady flow of water spilling over.

Worth the cost

Yes, a vanishing edge costs a bit more than a normal swimming pool; however, the impressions you will create from it will be worth it. Vanishing edge pools make a property attract the attention of both guests and future home buyers. Regardless of what you own, regular exposure to anything will result in some amount of desensitization. But a vanishing edge pool is one feature that will stay spectacular from for years to come.

A swimming pool with a view

To design this type of pool, you should consider every viewpoint. The view from the patio can be different than the view from your house. Vanishing edge pools can be three-sided, rectangles or might have a raised section where pool water can flow from the top.

Vanishing Edge Pools

These pools are perfect for Salt Lake City homeowners who love lounging. You can enhance the experience by using lighting in a vanishing edge for a breath-taking look.

Customized for you

There’s no such thing as a standard Vanishing edge. Each pool is is custom built, and it will take an expert hand and eye to make this pool design come to life.

Creating the ideal illusion

This pool’s design ensures that the basin and the edge is not seen when you stand in and around the pool; from a window viewpoint, above the swimming pool on a balcony, or in front of the swimming pool. Vanishing edge pools are the perfect pool design for non-traditional outdoor spaces, which have adequate square footage beyond the swimming pool to install the basin. They create a kind of mirror-like or reflecting surface, emphasizing its surrounds.

Vanishing Edge Pools

Ready for Vanishing Edge Pools? Contact Premier Pools & Spas Today!

Premier Pools & Spas serve the people in Salt Lake City, Utah who understand the worth of pleasant water experience. For many years, we’ve been adding value to homes, and genuinely know how to customize to suit the client’s needs. If you want to install a vanishing edge pool, let’s help you design a swimming pool that will work properly with your home and landscape. All you have to do is take the first step and get in touch with Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today!

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